We will not be sheep


To Premier Stephen McNeil:

There is much opposition to the current route being proposed for the pipe line, not only by the vocal fishers but also less vocal but very powerful land owners along the coast where this pipe is destined to lay.

It has been brought to our attention that the contractors cutting for the Mill are quitting enmass due to the impossibility of making ends meet. It has been said that contractors today are getting the same money as 20 years ago and are being sent far afield to cut small lots like 1/4 acre then track machines 10 km and do another small lot, etc. Small mills are closing as there is no product available. How do the major owners of this province expect to survive if so many are out of work? You cannot do business with people who have no pseudo money. There is probably enough wood in the yard for the mill to operate until January 2020. According to sources, there is a year ahead.

The people on the Reserve as well as the non-important non-aboriginals have every right to have the particulate removed from the Boat Harbour as is going to be done. There is, however, a need to expel the effluent which we were told is salt and water. It has been currently flowing into the Strait since 50 years and it must be allowed to continue through the current pipe line which may need to be replaced due to deterioration. Many, many jobs are dependant on it.

I shall now bring your attention to the Constitution Act 1982 formerly BNA 1867. In the preamble to the Powers of Parliament, within this mandate is the following. Sec. 91-24: Indians, and lands reserved for Indians: The aboriginals who cannot ever be satisfied are Federal Jurisdiction and lands reserved as in Reservations are Federal in scope. These aboriginals are invading a jurisdiction that is Provincial and you are letting them do it … probably because you do not know the law. That is not your fault, it has been hidden from all of us.

The anger is palpable and the fury of the hard working men will be downloaded on those who are responsible for this irresponsibility. Nova Scotia has been a have-not since 1917 and no one dare try to feed their family here without first donating 60 per cent of their production to maintain the bourgeois aka status quo. The proletariat are done waiting in joyful hope and turning the other cheek.

In closing, we are well aware you are premier of The Province of Nova Scotia CIK# 0000842639 Company Business address: CANADIAN CONSULATE GENERAL, 1251 AVE OF AMERICAS, NEW YORK , NY 100202127682400. Trading the encapsulated on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as per the EDGAR System — The Premier in waiting is a progressive, too, so it does not look like there is much going to be improved in the immediate future. There is a short time to correct the errors inflicted. How long is not known. Liberalism in all forms will never defeat the most high guy. We were chased out of Scotland more that 200 years ago because we would not be sheep. We will not be sheep here either. The parallel pyramid has been in progress since 250 years and is missing no stones. Do the right thing.

Brian Stewart