Grief and Mediumship Therapy

Wholistic Health

Shawn Leonard is a Medium and the author of The Language of Spirit. For over twenty years he has provided therapeutic sessions for individuals who are suffering after the loss of a loved one.


“It depends on the person seeking the therapy and what would be most beneficial. Their specific healing and what they need to facilitate this. Spirit always provides what they need to hear.”


Psychologists recommend Leonard to patients who are undergoing grief counselling. The information that comes through in a mediumship session is considered therapeutic because it offers the individual perspective, clarity and objectivity about their situation. A message with the potential to release feelings of guilt, fear, anger, or abandonment that often surrounds the death of a loved one.


Leonard says clients come individually, or alongside a bereft family member. He believes the information he translates from Spirit provides reassurance that our loved one is at peace, or illustrates they are still connected to us.


“It can be validation that they are aware of remaining family members and the many ways the passing may be affecting them. An acknowledgment that it’s alright you had to leave the room just before your mum passed away. Or reassurance that the will, or property, is being dealt with properly.”


When we suffer a traumatic loss we can develop emotional, mental and energetic blocks. Over time, these blocks can create other issues. Leonard says after a session clients begin to show improvements.


“There is an instant lift and they begin to live life more vigorously. They are more present, more social, you can start to see the return of joy.”


In terms of our own natural guidance system, Leonard says we are all adequately wired with the ability to intuit Spirit. The universal connection speaks to us through signs, dreams, feelings and thoughts.


“Often when we are thinking of, or remembering, a loved one – out of the blue and for no reason -this is our validation that they are with us. A lot of people don’t listen to themselves, or when they do listen they doubt what they receive, hear and feel. We brush it off and say it’s just a coincidence. I don’t believe that.”


Becoming aware of these ‘nudges’ and getting in the habit of trusting them is part of learning to accept and follow our own particular intuitive language. To tune in, Leonard suggests a healthy mental and nutritional lifestyle, daily meditation and grounding oneself by spending time in nature – the forest or near the ocean. This releases old energy and creates a clear channel around the heart chakra for self-connection and universal receptivity.


Studies done using an electrocardiogram (ECG) have shown that the heart emits a greater electric resonance than the brain. If we think of our brain as being our computer-like, central reasoning core we might consider the heart to be the bio-electric, universal gateway to soul.


In 1998, The Prince of Wales made an impassioned plea to the medical profession to have more of an open-mind towards healthcare and alternative medicine. Statistics indicate over 40 per cent of general practitioners, in the UK, now refer their patients to complementary therapy practitioners.


In his early twenties, Leonard says Spirit connected him with his deceased father. The experience, coupled with father’s message, made him believe there was a greater design to our lives – providing him with tremendous personal clarity, purpose and peace of mind.


“He explained there was a reason why he left my life when he did, that it was part of helping me to understand what I would become. He said, ‘We all have a purpose in life and in passing I fulfilled mine. It was my time to go home’.”