Carbon tax is illogical


To the Editor:

Hmmmm, Looks like maybe the carbon tax is a scam.

Maybe someone will nominate me for the Nobel Peace Prize… Gore lied and got it so maybe the truth qualifies for one also. Even Obama got it. Just imagine the money saved for all the families by not having to pay the illogical and illegal and illusional Carbon Tax.

Why is the sky blue?

In Nov 8/2018 Herald, weather prophetess Cindy Day says: The atmosphere, for example, absorbs all the colours EXCEPT blue which is scattered by nitrogen atoms that are predominant in our air. So that answers that.

Where is nitrogen found in the atmosphere?

Nitrogen is also very important for plants to live. The earth’s atmosphere is made up of 78 per cent nitrogen in the form of a colourless, odourless, nontoxic gas. The same nitrogen gas found in the atmosphere can be found in spaces between soil particles. However, plants are unable to use this form of nitrogen.

So, 78 per cent of the atmosphere is nitrogen. Nitrogen is very important for plants to live; this means that all other gases equate to 22 per cent which includes the oxygen we breathe and the CO2 that it is alleged plants need. Gasp gasp…

This might be considered a scientific Blue Collar thesis. OK globalists: You have been caught … 0.38 per cent carbon dioxide does not appear to be enough for all the vegetation in the Earth under the dome. This may also be considered the Blue Collar Nature of Things … you despots best start running; hop into the vortex opened by McCain and GHW Bush. Hot there, so I hear….Instilling terror in the terrorists, says animal and plant respiration place carbon into the atmosphere. Appears plants do not absorb CO2 at all. Could scientists be academics and liars too?

Where is carbon found in the atmosphere?

Nature’s Carbon Sources: Carbon is found in the atmosphere mostly as carbon dioxide. Animal and plant respiration place carbon into the atmosphere. When you exhale, you are placing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon is found in the lithosphere in the form of carbonate rocks.

How many gases are in the atmosphere?

The Earth’s atmosphere is mainly made up of four gases: nitrogen (78 per cent), oxygen (21 per cent), argon (0.93 per cent), carbon dioxide (0.38 per cent). The atmosphere is about 300 miles thick. Small amounts of water vapour and other gases are in the atmosphere as well.

Just what keeps the atmosphere (gravity) from being sucked out into the vacuum of space? Maybe a dome with waters above. Science should read the script.

Brian Stewart