“Regression Therapy”

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“It depends how far the Higher Self feels we need to regress. So, we never quite know where we are going until we get into the middle of it.”

Wanda Amos is a Regression Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming coach. She uses Quantum Healing Hypnosis to regress clients backwards within their lifetime, or further back to previous lifetimes, to scenarios with present-day importance.

“Whatever past-life, or life-expression is chosen, the information relates to what is going on in the current lifetime.”

Psychologists refer their patients to Amos for a variety of emotional and physiological concerns, including depression, mortality, chronic pain and illness.

The reason regression therapy is considered effective is the personal illumination the sessions can provide. If our thoughts create our reality and our emotions manifest in our bodies, specifically pinpointing an individual’s emotional trouble spot, or physiological concern, at its inception – in whatever timeframe it may reside – can help us make sense of it. To see the storyline surrounding the issue, in a supportive environment, can provide perspective and a foundation for resolution.

During a regression, the session holder is relaxed into a light meditative, or Theta brainwave, state. The Higher Self, what Amos terms the client’s subconscious mind, will present images, sensation, thoughts, or awareness to the client. During this relaxed state, Amos and the client discuss these images, themes, or events.

“It’s a light trance state, like the one we experience when we first wake up, or when we are falling asleep. Everyone’s experience is different. Depending on what life they have dropped into, it’s up to me ask questions, get them oriented and find out where they are to help them make their observations.”

Regardless of an individual’s belief system, the storyline and imagery that comes through in a session always relate to the life-topic questions of the client. The information can be viewed as symbolic, metaphorical, metaphysical, or literal. Amos says individuals uncover a greater depth of understanding from their experience and generally see, right away, how the past reflects the present.

“With this technique, the audio recording shows [them] answering their own questions. You hear your own voice talking about past lives; providing valuable information and talking about things you didn’t know you knew.”

Occasionally, Amos says a session-holder in the regressed Theta brainwave state will adopt what appears to be a slightly different persona. This is the presence of the Higher Self, or Subconscious, which is considered the authentic self.

“You can always feel when the higher self has come through. You can see the posture of the individual changing to accommodate the elevated frequency. Sometimes their voice will change slightly, or a lot. The personality can be supportive, no-nonsense, warm, or sometimes very funny. To me, the communication with the Higher Self is even more interesting, maybe more helpful, than the past lives.”

In the case of physiological concerns, it is often the Higher Self that is consulted.

“It’s amazing what it can do. I’ll ask if this situation can be healed today it will answer yes, or no, or go into an explanation of what the person needs to learn or do before the healing can take place.”

Amos says this interaction with the Higher Self shows a client their own potential and when they see this, they are empowered.

“I’ve had clients who felt very challenged in finding a relationship. Sometimes in a past life they will be shown a wonderful partnership. This is to show them they had it before and can have it again. The same goes with finding a purpose in life. When they meet themselves in this manner, or when they can believe they are loved, the confidence carries over. Months later you can see they are more at peace and comfortable with who they are.”