Town of Antigonish clearing the way for winter in 2019

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ANTIGONISH – After several winter weather events so far this season, the Town of Antigonish reminds residents to park smart this winter to help with snow clearing efforts.

Since the Winter Parking Ban came into effect Dec. 1, 2018, the town’s by-law officers have issued a total of 64 parking violations. The ban will remain in place until April 15 and during this time, anyone who parks on a town-owned street or in town-owned parking lots between 12 a.m. and 7 a.m. are doing so at their own risk.

While the Winter Parking Ban is always in effect, as per section 139 of the Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Act, vehicles discovered to be obstructing snow removal or additional winter maintenance will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

“Residents, including StFX students living off campus, are encouraged to watch the weather and plan ahead and make other arrangements for parking to avoid a parking ticket, as well as the inconvenience of being towed. Residents have a responsibility to assist with the timely removal of snow and other winter maintenance to protect the safety of our community for motorists, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles,” said Jeff Lawrence, chief administrative officer for the Town of Antigonish.

“The ban is always in effect and the Town is committed to sharing reminders on our website, social media, local radio and with the Students’ Union when there is weather in the forecast or when Public Works will be out plowing, salting or removing snow banks that obstruct walking or driving sightlines. These additional notices remind residents of the shared responsibility we have to ensure safe snow removal.”

The Town urges residents who regularly park on the street to be prepared to have arrangements made for off-street parking. “The Town has approximately 26 kilometers of roadway to plow and approximately 23 kilometers of sidewalk, as well as 461 public metered and non-metered parking spaces that require clearing operations. To be done effectively, Public Works crews need full access during the overnight hours to ensure residents safety and to make transportation passable to all types of traffic, as well as clearing of catch basins to prevent ice buildup and potential flooding,” explained Lawrence.

If there are rapidly changing weather conditions, significant snowfall, or blizzard conditions, then Public Works may require more time to complete snow clearing. The Town’s Public Works Crew is committed to working until all streets and sidewalks are clear and safe.

For more information related to parking or to find out how to pay a parking ticket contact the Town of Antigonish’s Traffic Authority at 902-867-5587 or visit,