Inside the chili competition …

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I like to think of myself as a cook sometimes, but I’m really not. I’m certainly more of a baker than I ever have been a cook and I’m okay with that because who doesn’t love cake?

That said, when I was asked to take part in the New Glasgow Chill Out Chili competition at first I thought it would be fun, and then I realized that I had never made chili before. With two weeks to go and a house to myself, I figured a test batch that I would only have to subject myself to was the best idea.

Armed with no recipe but a general idea of what to buy, the test batch got underway and didn’t turn out too bad, all things considered. Not the best I’ve ever had but certainly not the worst. I can live with that, I thought, but I need something more competition worthy.

With the help of my Significant other (who is a much better chef than I) we got a late start to the chili the night before the competition but managed to put everything together in time to crash on the couch and watch some Parks and Rec (for the second time around) before shutting off the burner and heading to bed. I can’t say I was overly nervous the night before, but I was excited to have created this awesome recipe and have other people try it.

Sriracha at the ready and ladle ready to go, I put on my favourite apron that looks like Batman and has saved many many pairs of pants and shirts from flour and I was ready to serve.

The market was packed and people were eager to try the chili as they walked around taking a look at the crock pots trying to decide which chili to try first. I have to hand it to my competitors though, both from local media outlets, they came armed to the teeth with toppings like Doritos,  cheese chips and sour cream for their chili. With my bottle of sriracha as my only topping for anyone who likes spicy chili, additional condiments was something that hadn’t quite occurred to me. Chili was always a stand alone dish at my hose with no toppings, not even cheese, so that is how I brought mine.

There was a lot of smack talk between us at the media table and some favoritism may have had a play on a couple of votes, and my family made their way to our section, but in all, it was all fun and jokes, and a lot of chili.

I had many compliments on the smoky taste of my chili which, to be honest, I’m not sure which ingredient other than bacon would have contributed to that – but I was glad that people were enjoying it.

I didn’t end up winning the competition, but in all, not bad for my second pot of chili ever.