Two-way traffic restored on Veterans Drive

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PICTOU — Two-way traffic has returned to all of Veterans Drive.

Town council agreed to restore two-way traffic at its regular meeting on Monday. While plans were to remove the barriers at the north end of the road shortly, they were moved to the side of the road on Tuesday to allow new signage to apply.

Council approved the signs that represent a series of traffic calming measures that include installing three-way stop signs halfway along the street where it intersects with Hector Avenue.

Others measures include signs indicating it is a traffic calming neighbourhood and reduced speed limit signs at each end of the street, but the three-way stop signs are considered enforceable.

“When we have the calming measures in place, the barricades can come down,” Mayor Jim Ryan said during council’s committee meeting on January 7 when the items were commended.

Coun. Dan Currie maintained his support for a type of speed bump that is flatter and wider than the rounded ones commonly used in parking lots. He said they would effectively slow down traffic and would not be an issue for snow plows.

“I don’t think it would be a huge expense,” Currie said.

Coun. Eric Daley expressed support for the three-way stop and opposition to the speed bumps.

“I think it will have the desired impact,” he said, regarding the signs. “I don’t think the speed bumps are necessary.”

Council deferred discussion of pedestrian issues on Veterans Drive until the spring.

Motorists took little time getting used to restored two-way traffic on all of Veterans Drive. (Goodwin photo)