Pictou County 2020: BOLD – Next Conversation to be held at NSCC March 7

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STELLARTON — More than 225 people gathered in October 2014 to join in a conversation called Pictou County 2020. The event, inspired by the One Nova Scotia Report, had a purpose of continuing to build a culture of success and positivity in this community. That first event culminated in a vision statement for Pictou County: In 2020, Pictou County will be healthy, united, thriving and bold.

In the years since, the group that convened that first conversation has invited the community to come together again on eight different occasions (Actions, Youth, Leaders, Stepping Up Engage NS, Connect, Unity, Discover, and Asset-Based Community Development).

“We wanted to hold the space for conversations to happen around the vision that was set out for our community on that first night,” says Janice Fraser. She was one of the hosts of that first conversation, along with Jaime Smith, Nancy MacConnell-Maxner, Sally O’Neill and Susan MacConnell. “There was a diverse group of people in that meeting, and a collective desire to move forward positively towards a healthy, united, thriving and bold community. We committed to hosting at least one annual conversation each year as we move toward 2020.”

One of the people inspired by the initial conversations was Adrienne McCurdy, who chose to move to the community as a result. “My partner and I were looking for ‘home’,” says McCurdy. “When we experienced the energy and the positive momentum in that room, we knew that this was where we belonged.” She and her partner, Ian, moved to Pictou County soon afterwards, and she became a member of the 2020 host team.

“We have touched on healthy, united and thriving in our earlier conversations,” says Jaime Smith. “Now we are ready to move into 2020 with a focus on bold. In the last few years, we have seen a wave of bold moves from people from across this county.”

This event, taking place March 7 (6-8 p.m.) at the Nova Scotia Community College, will focus on these bold actions that build a stronger community, in both small and large ways.

“When you consider some of the things that have happened here in the last few years, from refugee resettlement and a new Regional Enterprise Network, to LGTBQ parent groups and Mabel Murple’s Dreamery, this community has shown that our culture of success and positivity is still thriving. We are looking forward to building on those bold actions to move us closer to the vision,” Fraser said.

“Everyone who lives in PC has an important view to share about what bold actions are needed next in our community. Be bold. Join the discussion.”