Steven Bowers comes home

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Residents of Hampden, Nfld., may pride themselves on being home to Steven Bowers, but he prides himself on calling Pictou County home.

Now living in Victoria, BC, Bowers knows the importance of teaching his young daughter about following your dreams so he is back on the music scene with a tour and CD launch.

The deCoste Performing Arts Centre will be the host to Bowers and his guitar on March 9 when he is eager to perform to friends, family and new fans. Promising his young nieces a few songs of their choosing, by himself or another artist of their choice, the show will be entertaining with a few inspired dances moves similar to those seen in many of his music videos.

Recording in a studio in McLellans Brook when his parents moved him and his two siblings here, Bowers fondly remembers working with Fleur Mainville and looks forward to connecting again with Dave Gunning.

Being compared to the much-loved talents of Ron Hynes, who taught Bowers in his younger years, at 20 years old he never thought a life in music would be possible until it happened. Though he has taken a slightly alternative route, now working for a non-profit organization in Victoria, a lot of that incorporates his love of arts and offers him the use of a studio when he needs to record.

With his last record being released in 2012, Bowers ensures long-time fans will take comfort in similar lyrics but be surprised with updated atmospheric sound experiments and a bit more electric guitar.

In a humorous promotional video for his upcoming Pictou County experience, Bowers seems eager for snow as well as his show. A Canadian indie-folk singer/songwriter, his newest CD Elk Park will be free with the purchase of your ticket to his show and a look inside the stories behind the songs.

To ensure you are there to welcome him home, get your tickets at the deCoste box office.