Health is wealth


To the Editor:

Agree with Mark Shepherd! While there are honest doctors still, I consider doctors to be like people in any trade — carpentry, plumbing, mechanics — who will extract more money from the consumer by playing on fears and delivering their negative prognosis for more money!

I saw my mother die of cancer 32 years ago, just after mother’s third operation. I went to the crowded hospital cafeteria one wintry day for lunch; I was looking for a place to sit and eat lunch when the surgeon who operated on my mother motioned for me to sit beside him. While politely asking how my business was doing, I then asked how busy he was, only to be told he booked the operating room from 12 midnight to the following midnight and then operated one after another on patients. This took place on the Quebec side of Ottawa where the doctor stated his base salary was less than the Ontario side but he made more than double for each operation he did as a surgeon.

That reply to my question told me that doctors are really not different from people in any business, it really is about the “bottom line” or the money for sure!

Keep Healthy is our wealth as drugs and operations are not the best resort for any clear-thinking human. Eat healthy, sleep well and guard your thoughts and whom you associate with, as well as exercise such as a brisk walk for 10 to 15 minutes daily should help any human!

Vickie Oliver