Funding for Issac Fraser


Go Fund Me launched to help family make home accessible

Issac Fraser is living his life to the fullest but needs a little help from the community to help reach his full potential.

He was born with a rare form of congenital muscular dystrophy and has faced many challenges in his life, keeping a smile on his face all the way.

As he grows, however, Issac and his family are having a difficult time managing his wheelchairs in their home which was not built to be accessible for wheelchairs and walkers.

“His wheelchair currently cannot get into the bathroom,” said Isaac’s mother, Sarah Fraser. Along with the bathroom, Issac’s bedroom and the hallway will also have to be renovated to make more room for a special needs bed and wheelchairs in his bedroom and more space to easily get down the hallway without worrying about hitting the wall. Lifts for the bathroom are also needed to take the physical toll of lifting Issac into the bath tub off his parents’ hands.

Fraser added that the family had looked around for more accessible homes, but found nothing within their price range or near the area they live in currently so Issac could continue attending the school he started. She added that as far as renovations go, they had also looked into grants to help with the costs but they did not meet the qualifications.

Fraser’s friend Teri-Lynn Dempsey had been urging her to create a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money for the renovations, so after exhausting all other avenues, Fraser gave the okay. As of press time, some $6,517 of $15,000 has been raised on the page to help out the Fraser family to make their home more accessible for their son.

“The community support has just been incredible, we can’t say how thankful we are,” said Fraser. “It will make an incredible difference.”

A few years ago, Issac also received his wish from the Children’s Wish Foundation for a swimming pool that he enjoys swimming and playing in. Fraser added that they would hate to have to move and lose Issac’s pool since using it is something he loves to do.

After the Go Fund Me page had been shared on social media, Fraser was contacted by Susan MacDonald MacNamara about taking a collection for Issac and the renovations at a hockey tournament that was being hosted at the Hector Arena. As a hockey fan, Issac was thrilled to attend and was smiling ear to ear at the chance to do a puck drop.

“My brother used to play for the Scotians so we used to go watch him,” added Fraser, about her son’s love for hockey. Before he became busy with school, Issac would also regularly play sledge hockey on Sunday nights.

During the puck drop, it was announced that $1,000 had been collected to go toward the renovations of the family’s home.

“It means that we will be able to stay in our home,” said Fraser about the donations and support from the community to help with renovations.