From Ellen’s Heart … and daughter’s generosity

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Laura Worth was able to celebrate her bachelorette party with her mother, Ellen Bland, in June 2018 before she passed away on July 1st. This was a true testament to Ellen’s caring heart and passion for family as she was struggling after complications from her second open heart surgery in October 2017.

“In December I said to my dad, ‘Let’s put together a cookbook for a fundraiser,’ to which he replied, ‘Mom would have liked that’.” And that was all it took. Going through all the scraps of recipes written down and talking about their favourites, laughing at how Ellen talked about her PMS Cookies, the seed was planted.

Ellen’s second passion was cooking and she endearingly baked her husband her beloved Black Forest Cake every November for his birthday. This recipe is one of 80 included in the book her daughter put together from her collected recipes and called “From Ellen’s Heart”. Also included is her talked about PMS Cookies, casseroles, breads and much more.

After donating the proceeds from selling her mother’s belongings to the Queen Elizabeth II hospital after her passing, Worth decided to do something for the Aberdeen Hospital ICU. Ellen was between both hospitals a lot in the two years before her death, so giving back to them only seemed natural to the family.

My Mommy and Me was a fundraiser Worth, owner of Laura Lynn Photography, also held first in honour of and, after her passing.

Raising over $1,000 for the QE II From a Heart Campaign, Worth has on order 75 copies of “From Ellen’s Heart” due to be distributed by the end of April. The proceeds of each sale will go to the Aberdeen Hospital to highlight the tremendous amount of compassion and care Ellen’s family received during the trying time.

“A lot of negative talk comes from experiences at the Aberdeen but I just saw the kindness and such compassion from the staff,” said Worth.

To pre-order your copy for $20, including shipping if necessary, you can contact Worth through her Facebook Page