Theta Healing Therapy – for you and your pets

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“What is really different from other meditations is what you actually DO once you’re in that particular state of peace. The purpose is not just to relax, but to take advantage of the state-of-mind. Dis-creating the cause of suffering and creating what you desire.”

Irene Salmaso is a Theta Brainwave Healing practitioner, based in Venice, Italy. Working with an individual’s conscious and unconscious mind, she deals directly with emotional and psychological states and the subsequent impact on physical health.

The peaceful, yet interactive, theta brainwave state allows a practitioner to affect emotional energy. Sifting through specific experiences, limited thinking, or genetically inherited patterns to reprogram old belief systems. In this state, we can clear away associated triggers and release negative thinking.

Theta brainwaves are naturally produced right before falling asleep, during the rapid eye movement phase. This powerful cycle calms the mind and we experience a deep connection to ourselves. Salmaso says an effective session requires the setting of an intention, a desire for change and an open mind.

“It’s a technique which allows you to see, understand and remove blocks that are keeping you from what you desire in life – making you experience situations of suffering, dissatisfaction or illness. Most of these are fears and limiting beliefs stored in our subconscious mind. The purpose is to dig inside and change your beliefs.”

Salmaso often collaborates with an association of physicians and psychologists. She says her assistance is most frequently requested for themes pertaining to love, work and health.

“The consequences of fear, sorrow, sadness we often experience can have an impact on our body. When a limiting belief is transformed into an empowering one, the connected bad feelings go away and a deep sense of relief is usually experienced by the clients. It’s as if a breath of fresh air filled their lungs. Sometimes they sense a “click”.”

Theta Healing simply needs a relaxed mind. From this point onwards, the benefits are potentially limitless – affecting not only our lives, but the lives of those closest to us. Salmaso’s practice also places a great emphasis on animal welfare and she will often join forces with veterinary practices.

“Many people come to me seeking help for their furry friends. I see the results of energy work on an animal that is difficult to work with, or train. These results are due to an actual shifting of something inside them.”

Initially, Salmaso developed an interest in Theta Technique when her own dog was transformed by a treatment.

“His mood had changed drastically. He’d gone from happy and joyful to depressed and sluggish. I wanted to do something to bring his real essence back. When I saw the fantastic results obtained, I was shocked. At the end of the first session he exited the room, jumping happily. I said to myself, “If this technique payed off on this pure creature then it must work”.”

We may not always appreciate how closely we live with our pets, sharing not only a physical proximity but an emotional and mental closeness as well. Salmaso says the benefits and consequences of this connection are much stronger and deeper than we think. Because of this, animals will often display emotional and mental behaviours which are similar to their humans.

“I say to owners that they matter so much to their animals. Their lives are deeply connected at multiple levels. In some aspects, it’s easier to work with animals. I don’t usually need to dig in their subconscious mind because it’s less stratified than ours. They accept healing, or they don’t. Given this strong connection between pet and owners there are many times when achieving a good results with a pet means also working on their owner.”

With both animal and human clients, Salmaso says Theta Healing brings great clarity and consciousness to life.

“I have had many beautiful experiences. You don’t always need to experience something supernatural in order to live an unforgettable moment. When you’re able to feel real peace coming from understanding, or to stop a recurrent negative pattern – in that moment you are experiencing something very meaningful and extraordinary.”

Pet photo by By Chenspec