Petition for pets


Across the province and beyond, people are banding together to see better enforcement and policies for animal cruelty cases in Nova Scotia.

After hearing about a recent animal cruelty case in Pictou County, Brenda Gerrior couldn’t sit by and hear about any more cases of cruelty without standing up for what she believes.

“Nothing ever seems to get done, it stops there,” said Gerrior about enforcement for the animal cruelty laws. “I sometimes feel like I’m part of the problem unless I’m stepping up and doing something.”

Gerrior began by creating an online petition but switched to a hard copy one after finding out that the online versions of petitions do not carry as much weight as a hard copy for the provincial government. Pages for a physical petition have since been circulating across the province to collect signatures to help crack down on animal cruelty.

“Our intention is for the laws to be stiffer,” said Gerrior. “There are laws in place, they’re just not being enforced.”

Gerrior, who lives in the Halifax area, is also questioning why people who have previous records of animal abuse are allowed to own animals again.

Along with the petition, Gerrior, as well as other animal lovers from across the province, are also planning on attending Pictou Provincial Court on April 29 when the accused from the case that sparked Gerrior to create the petition, will appear in court.

“I feel like someone needs to be their voice,” she said. “We feel like a slap on the wrist and a $1,000 is not enough.”

To get a copy of the petition or find out where you can find a copy to sign, Gerrior welcomes people to contact her via email at

“I just can’t sit back anymore,” she said.

Brenda Gerrior poses with her 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel Max. She also has a 5-year-old golden doodle named Gracie.