A ready friend to the animals


When seven-year-old Lily Stewart of Westville, was a little girl, she was devastated when her cat Max, ran away.

Not returning. Lily decided to break the piggy bank that she had since she was born, and donate her savings to the SPCA. At that time, she decided to make friendship bracelets and came up with an idea of having a Friendship Day. When she approached her parents with the idea of bringing her family together on one special day, they were moved.

Lily and her family combine friendship day and selling bracelets to raise money for the SPCA. Each year during March, Lily and her family and friends sell bracelets which can be purchased for only $2. Lily designed the bracelets and said, “Each one only takes a few minutes to make.”

She has received gifts of craft materials from a kind neighbor; however, she purchases friendship bracelet kits as she needs them. With the support of her family, her best friend, and local communities she raised more than $1,500 during the one month campaign.

March 30 is friendship day within her family’s home. The day has been growing as each year passes. The first year Lily made the bracelets and gave them out for free, the second year she received donations, combined with sales, which added up to $700. This year that number doubled plus more, raising more than $1,500. Lily donates her proceeds to our local SPCA located in Granton. Her big heart and big smile resonate with the love of cats and dogs. An outstanding achievement for a young lady who always wanted her own special day. Lily smiled and said,” I love animals and I want them to be loved.”

Holly Avery, Lily’s mom smiled,” We have a very blessed life, and a blessed situation amongst all of us, all together.”

Katie and James Stewart are overjoyed and wanted to express how bringing the family together is very important. Katie wants parents to know that ” If your kids have an idea, show support and let them go with it.” she added, “It is good for other kids to see, and Lily is a great role model for her younger sister Ella.” James commented, “I think what it all comes down to, is, having people around you that you love, it’s nice to have a day where we can all get together and share what’s important, and be supportive of our children, family, and friends, and help the SPCA out.” He adds, ” You just got to do it.”

To purchase a friendship bracelet in support Lily’s friendship day with proceeds going to the SPCA, contact: katiewilcox1@gmail.com

Lily Stewart proudly displays her friendship bracelet, Second Row, Best friend Tessa Hurley, Ella Stewart, sister, James Stewart, father. Back Row, Holly Avery, Mother, and Katie Stewart, stepmother.

(Livingstone Photo)