Stellarton begins skatepark planning

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Paul Corbin, community health and recreation director for Stellarton, paired with Brian Moore from The Canadian Grant Company to host a skatepark design meeting Saturday at Stellarton Town Hall.

Moore has been designing skateparks for more than 20 years. His expertise, along with Corbin’s understanding of the health and recreational needs in the area, partnered with the support of the town, will see the skateparks design develop into a facility to help youth in the community quench their thirst for a skatepark.

Last year, the idea of a skatepark surfaced when Corbin spoke to youth in the area; he did the footwork to find out if there was a need and since then, phases for the new facility began to form. A name for the park has not yet been chosen and the design is still in its first stages. Fundraising and financial support are still in the works and once the design has been secured, a cost estimate and funding will be in place. Contributions and private donations also play a part in the development, along with other fundraising ideas that are presently being tabled.

Corbin said, “The Town Council of Stellarton has invested $5,000 into the project to do the design phase to secure that part of the park. Once we have that final design, then we will move forward with cost and fundraising, the grant process, and town contribution. Then it will be presented to the town council.”

Examples and prints of skateparks were available for the residents that attended the meeting. Input from local bike and skateboard enthusiasts will define the needs for the inside decor. “Such things as obstacle courses, ramps, rails, and skate bowls are just a few examples,” said Moore.

The playground area of Foster Avenue and Pleasant Street shows potential and has been recommended to house the new park, although not secured as of yet. Corbin added, “It’s a great area, in the centre of town for skate/bike enthusiasts, easy access, its close to the highway to attract tourists, great visibility, it shows a lot of potential.”

Moore noted, “Skateboarding will make its debut at the 2020 Olympics in Japan. Bowl Skateboarding (like the inside of an empty pool) and Street Skateboarding using stairs, ledges, and handrails, etc. will be a part of the competitions.”