Guthro’s back at deCoste

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Bruce Guthro has made a career out of entertaining others with his song writing, singing and playing musical instruments. Yet he’s managed to help promote not only his music, but the music of other very talented East Coast musicians with his increasingly popular Songwriter’s Circles.

The deCoste Performing Arts Centre in Pictou is becoming one of the venues of choice for Guthro, who has regularly performed for well over a decade at Casino NS in Halifax to sold-out audiences. He returns on April 27 at 7:30 p.m. with his latest entourage of equally talented singer/songwriters including veterans of the music scene Laura Smith and JP Cormier and the young, up-and-coming country music singer from Elmsdale, Makayla Lynn.

Laura Smith has had an interesting journey as an artist with a career that was taking off and doing well in the early to mid 90s with a couple of album releases that garnered her two Juno nominations, a Gemini as well as an honorary doctorate from Mount Saint Vincent University. It included touring throughout Canada, the US and Europe. However, during that time, she also experienced several debilitating injuries that inhibited her ability to compose songs, perform or even record. As it does for anyone dealing with life challenges, the experiences led her on a journey of self exploration that eventually she was able to overcome. Perhaps it was her new life situation that gave her material needed that enabled her to create her fourth album, Everything Is Moving, after 16 years being away from the industry. Her voice is one that almost penetrates the listener’s soul as they hear songs dealing with real life that connect them to her as she sings.

JP Cormier is an East Coast legend in his own right and has been playing since he was just five years old. He has become an exceptionally talented musician who can play just about any string instrument given to him. In addition, his ability to tell a story about a moment in time and put it to music in a way that the listener can envision being there in that moment is a talent many songwriter’s long for. His smooth, commanding voice only helps to complete the package that has become his trademark. He continues to leave his audiences in awe. JP is often a regular guest of Guthro’s Circles, so the banter that will occur between them is sure to be as entertaining as their songs.

The youngest member of the entourage, at a mere 17 years of age, is no stranger to performing. Makayla Lynn has been singing and writing songs since the age of 12. She has a budding country music career that is taking off since moving to Nashville to pursue her dreams after working hard to graduate a year early from high school. Named the 2018 East Coast Music Awards Country Album winner and the 2018 Music Nova Scotia Awards Entertainer of the Year she was recently named the youngest ECMA winner in the award’s 30-year history. Rolling Stone Magazine has also named her as an artist to watch, and she’s recently landed in the coveted #1 spot on CMT’s 12 Pack Countdown. It sounds like Makayla will be able to give the veterans a little competition.

For tickets contact the deCoste box office.