Museum needs last few dollars to bring Memorial Cross home

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The Pictou County Military Museum is working to raise the last few dollars needed to bring home the Memorial Cross of First World War pilot John Kennedy Campbell of Scotsburn. And it needs your help.

In total so far, the Museum has managed to raise $300 for the medal which ran up to $450 on eBay as it was up for auction.

“All it would take is several people to put in a few dollars,” said the museum’s David Avery. “There are very few Pictou County flyers from World War I and to have a piece of history on display is in the best interests of the county and the country. All Pictonians should be proud and aware of this man sacrificing his life for his country and the cause. It should not be forgotten.”

The purchase of the rare medal for the military museum was first reported by The Advocate in the April 17 edition. The Mother’s Cross medal of Campbell was found in an online auction site being sold by someone in Pennsylvania; it has been recovered by medal and memorabilia hunter Dave Thompson in Ontario who finds medals online and informs the local communities, doing his best to return them to the families who rightfully own them. Last year, Thompson contacted Avery to get a medal being sold in British Columbia back to Pictou County where the soldier was originally from. The family was eventually reunited with the medal and was incredibly grateful for all those involved helping to bring it home.

Avery invites those who would like to donate money to help bring this medal home to call him at 902-396-3761 or to take the donation to the museum in Westville.

The Pictou County Military Museum will also be running summer hours from May 6 to August 23, Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Anyone interested in a visit is invited to stop in and drop off a donation for the Cross or just look around.