Blinkhorn attends May’s #BigFatGreenWedding

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It was one of the most beautiful weddings she ever attended.

And certainly the most star-studded.

Local Realtor Sherry Blinkhorn rubbed elbows with a lot of people most of us only read about when she attended the wedding of federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and hops farmer John Kidder, who is one of the founders of the Green Party of British Columbia and is the brother to former actress Margot Kidder who once played Lois Lane to Christopher Reeves’ Superman. The two were married on Earth Day, Monday, April 22, at Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria, BC.

The wedding was a low-carbon green affair with the couple’s motorcade being comprised of electric vehicles. The flowers were re-used from Easter services at the church, the reception was potluck and a train trip across Canada is planned for their honeymoon. “Elizabeth wanted to have it as the hashtag #BigFatGreenWedding,” Blinkhorn laughed. “It was beautiful; it was unlike anything I ever experienced. The cathedral itself was stunning — it was just majestic.”

Blinkhorn and May have been friends for about a dozen years. Their friendship began, Blinkhorn jokes, over email when the Realtor wrote to politicians about the West River and the pollution in it after she bought her cottage on the river. “She was the only politician who responded to me and of course after she did, others started to respond.” The two met at Blinkhorn’s office and they connected immediately. Then, when May was living in Pictou County, Blinkhorn was renovating her cottage and decided to burn all of the garbage that had accumulated — including old tires. “I burned old tires and Elizabeth May still loved me anyway!” Blinkhorn laughs.

Because of their long-standing friendship, Blinkhorn was thrilled to be invited to the wedding. She was also asked to “say a few words” to those who attended. “In my speech I said this is just the epitome of Elizabeth May. She brings everyone together; there was just such an eclectic group of people.”

Politicians including Jody Wilson-Raybould, who was ousted from the Liberal caucus in April following the SNC-Lavalin debacle, attended the event as did many connections from various environmental organizations, like David Suzuki. And of course, close friends.

“Elizabeth May has been there for me through so many different times. I’ve travelled with her, I went across the country with her by train on the Whistle Stop tour. She’s been at my bedside when no one knew how sick I was,” Blinkhorn lauded. Attending her friend’s wedding was a given.

The ceremony, Blinkhorn said, was “simply beautiful.” The two spent the Saturday evening before the wedding together and Blinkhorn said she was “positively giddy — they both were.”

Blinkhorn was seated with family members, just four rows from the front of the church and she laughs, “Jody Wilson-Raybould sat directly behind me and David Suzuki sat right in front of me! It was a beautiful moment when Jody and David embraced, it really was.”

May’s dress was stunning, Blinkhorn noted, with appliqued ferns and flowers on the bottom. “It was supposed to represent spring and how she was walking through a garden towards him. The pattern for her dress was made from old bed sheets! It was the greenest wedding ever,” she laughs.

From start to finish, the wedding was beautiful and filled with special moments for Blinkhorn. “For me personally, knowing Elizabeth as a friend, I would have to say the highlight was seeing the sheer joy that I saw on her face.”

Sherry Blinkhorn with her friend, Elizabeth May, at May’s wedding on Earth Day. (Submitted photo)