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Artistic talent is thriving in Pictou County.

As some have taken years to master their craft, the youngest participant at New Glasgow’s Art at Night this year has only had a few years to hone his skills; but they have certainly caught the attention of many.

Cillian MacPherson, 9, was tucked in the Fly by Knight Comics book shop during this year’s event, a venue very suiting for the young comic book artist. With not only drawing skills but the writing chops to back it up, MacPherson had his table filled with prints of his drawings, paintings and a few copies of his comic books for sale. By the end of the night, the artist had sold out of his comics and a number of prints.

“I started drawing pictures in Grade 1, but I’m a lot better at making them now,” he said. True to his grade school boy roots, MacPherson began with a comic called Poo Wars, combining the ever popular poop emoji with Star Wars, a series MacPherson is a big fan of. After making six Poo Wars comics he decided that he was in need of a new character and concept and that is when Captin Poo was created. A cross between Captain Underpants and a poo emoji, this character has been a staple for MacPherson and has grown to include different characters.

“My newest comic is the Bark Knight and that’s a mixture of a dog and Batman,” MacPherson said. The New Glasgow Academy student has also been taking art class in school as well as art lessons outside of school where he has learned about shading and painting watercolour.

“I usually just draw my own way of drawing and that’s cartoons,” he said. “They’re easy but you can make them as funny as possible.”

Like most kids, MacPherson loves laughing at cartoons on television and this has only furthered his love of drawing cartoons, he said. Not only does he have a few self-made comic titles under his belt, but MacPherson already has the publishing company that he hopes to one day print his comics under.

“It started when I made Captin Poo, I was thinking of a publishing company,” he said. “It just sounded like something important to do.”

Since then, MacPherson has created all of his comics and related characters under his company name, Stickman Inc. and even has a logo drawn up for the company as well, going off the giants DC and Marvel comics, which publish their own comics and sometimes books. As he grows up, MacPherson added that he wants to continue with his comics and someday run Stickman Inc. as a real company where he publishes comics and creates characters.

He added that when he sees someone pick up one of his comics he always thinks that the reader will really enjoy it.

“I know they probably are because I’m a nine-year-old making comics,” he said. As he sold out of comics and prints during the annual art show in downtown New Glasgow, he said he felt like people enjoyed his art because they were impressed with a nine year old that was making and selling art.

In the meantime, he plans to continue selling his comics and prints and is hoping to have them available in a local store sometime in the future for purchase. He is also getting some help setting up a website to give others all over a chance to read his comics online. You can find Cillian’s art at or contact The Advocate for information about how to get a print or comic.

“I really want to sell them in a store, it’s probably going to happen,” he smiled.

Cillian MacPherson, 9, shows off one of his superheroes from his own comic book series during Art at Night this year. MacPherson was the youngest person to show and sell his art in the recent downtown-wide art show. (Brimicombe photo)