RCMP, PC Solid Waste partner for litter checkpoints

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Sasha Barnard and RCMP Const, Shane MacNeil chat with a motorist during a litter checkpoint.

As part of Environment Week activities, Pictou County Solid Waste, in partnership with the Pictou County RCMP, held litter checkpoints this morning along the Abercrombie Road as well as the Westville Road.

The purpose of these checkpoints were to thank motorists for not littering and to give them a litter bag for their vehicle to help keep Pictou County Clean.

Deborah Searle hands a litter bag to a friendly CHAD transit driver.

The Pictou County Solid Waste and RCMP Team enjoyed speaking with the hundreds of motorists who passed through the checkpoints and thank them for their commitment to keep Pictou County a clean and green place to live, work and play.

Deborah Searle, Waste Reduction Coordinator, Pictou County Solid Waste, Cpl. Ron Bryce, Sasha Barnard, Waste Reduction Educator, Pictou County Solid Waste. (Submitted photos)