Pedal power on Bike Week

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New Glasgow town crier Jim Stewart New Glasgow rang in the start of Bike Week at the New Glasgow Farmers Market on Saturday.

“It’s a whole healthy lifestyle, walking, and biking. As people age, you got to keep moving; this is a great way to stay in shape. It is a mind, body and spirit thing, and it’s great to see the turnout.” Stewart added.

Approximately 30 bikers attended the grand opening of Bike Week in Pictou County. New Glasgow Police escorted bikers through traffic to ensure safety and to remind local drivers to take notice and be courteous of all bikers on the streets of Pictou County.

Bikers were given two choices: a lengthy ride from the farmers market to Little Egypt Road in Trenton, approximately 35 kms return led by Clint Snell of Pictou County Cycle, or farmers market to the Trenton Steeltown Park, approximately 16 kms return, led by Chris Higdon.

Bike enthusiast Lloyd MacLean, a member of the Bike Meet planning commission said, “It’s a great start for Bike Week in Pictou County. There are more events that are happening all week so check out our schedule and get out and enjoy them all.”

Bikers get ready to begin a ride for Bike Week. (Livingstone photo)