Kudos to resident for making walk to waterfront beautiful


To the Editor:

With the approach of summer, it is a common sight to see many people around town sprucing up yards with flowers, shrubs and general outside maintenance.

It is also a time when we see public lands getting a spruce up.

But what we don’t see is individual people from town taking on the role and responsibility to give yards and gardens a “spring facelift.”

I have no doubt there are more such good Samaritans in the town of Pictou, but there is one who stands out. And to him I offered my thanks for doing a great job for us all who take the walk down to the waterfront.

Stephen Knowles has, for a few years now, been giving a great look to the lands around Coleraine Plaza. He has the lawn manicured, shrubs pruned and looking good, weeds pulled and more. The overall effect is that it looks to be taken care of like public gardens would be.

Stephen does this on his own free time and enjoyment. Kudos to Stephen for making the walk down Coleraine and Creighton streets to the waterfront a heck of a lot nicer.

Peter Fraser