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There was lots of celebration at the Pictou County Wellness Centre last week as the Nova Scotia Community College Pictou Campus saw 282 graduates cross the stage to receive certificates and diplomas in different programs.

Among the highlights of this year’s graduation ceremony included the presentation of an honorary diploma for the School of Business given to Rob G. C. Sobey. Cody Reddick of the School of Trades and Technology for Welding Inspection and Quality Control was this year’s valedictorian.

Pictured are the major award winners for the 2019 NSCC Pictou Campus graduation ceremony. From left, Emma K. Falconer, winner of the NSCC Gold Medal; Quentin L. Connolly, winner of the President’s Award; Pictou Campus Principal Dave Freckelton; Melissa D.M. Latter, winner of the NSCC Alumni Award; Sarah M. MacDonald, winner of the Governor General’s Academic Medal and Cody Reddick, valedictorian. Missing from the photo is Emily C. MacNeil, winner of the Board of Governors Award. (Brimicombe photo)

Pictured from left are Don Bureaux, NSCC president, with Rob Sobey, honorary diploma recipient, and Dave Freckelton, NSCC Pictou Campus principal.

NSCC graduates are led into the graduation ceremony by African drummers.

Parents cheer on NSCC graduates as they walk to their seats.

CLASS of 2019

Certificate of Completion in Achieve

Bezanson, S. Chyanne                                    New Glasgow

Dignan, Emily K. G.                                           Westville

Fanning, Brooklyn M.                                        Stellarton

Higgins, William R.                                            New Glasgow

Jordan, David M.                                              Garden of Eden

Martin, Daniel W.                                               Westville

Sheppard, Josh J.                                             Westville

Simons, Ryan M.                                               Trenton

Watters, Kyla D.                                                New Glasgow

Willis, Ivan M.                                                    Sydney

Wood, Braeden T.                                             Westville

Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma for Adults

Alaaeddin, Shadi A.                                           Pictou

Almetheb, Obada A.                                          New Glasgow

Archibald, Greg A. (Honours)                          New Glasgow

Avery, Jake R. V. (Honours)                               Trenton

Batchilder, Savanah M. (Honours)                  New Glasgow

Borden-Greene, Kelsey A. (Honours)              New Glasgow

Conway, Jessie R. (Honours)                              Westville

Gallant, Emily L. (Honours)                                Caribou Island

Graham, Katie E. (Summer)                                Trenton

Jamieson, Amie M. (Honours)                             Trenton

Jeffery, Melanie T. (Honours)                              Salt Springs

Keddy, Rebecca L. (Honours)                             Truro

Kelly, I. Charlane                                               New Glasgow

Lloyd, Kaleb J. (Honours)                                   New Glasgow

McGowan, J. R. Sam (Honours)                          St. Margarets Bay

Robson, Brittany B. (Honours)                            Westville

Rushton, Amanda L. (Honours)                           New Glasgow

Tighe, Stephanie M. (Honours)                            Cape Breton

Tree, David M. (Honours)                                   Pictou

White, Michaela M. (Honours)                             Westville

Zhang, Li Ping                                                   Pictou

Certificate in Academic and Career Connections

Battist, Amanda L. (Honours)                              Stellarton                

Breen, Hannah-Jane I.                                        New Glasgow

Cardiff, William T.                                              Westville

Falconer, Emma K. (Honours)                           Antigonish

Oliver, J. Jacob                                                 Trenton

Romain, Brianne E.                                            Clare

Smith, Savonna D.                                            New Glasgow


Certificate in Cooking

Brill, Shannon (Summer)                                    Parrsboro

Wilson, Chris N.            (Summer)                        Parrsboro

Certificate in Culinary Skills

Connolly, Quentin L. (Honours)                           Great Village

MacKenzie, R. Bill                                             Salt Springs

MacKinnon, Caelan L.                                        Broadway

Sandluck, Caitlyn C.                                          Thorburn

Certificate in Office Administration

Anderson, Chantel D. M. (Honours)                     Antigonish

Archibald, M. Darlene                                        Stellarton

Bernard, Michelle D.                                          Onslow Mountain

Bolton, Amber F. (Honours)                                Liverpool

Dawson, Belinda M. (Honours)                           Hopewell

DeCoste, Dianna L. (Honours)                            Antigonish

Denny, Kaitlyn E.                                              Pictou County

Dillman, Evelyn K. (Honours)                              Antrim

Dobson, Nicole M.                                            New Glasgow

Doucet, Barbara A.                                            Stellarton

Johnson, Jordon J. E.                                       Tatamagouche

Kostoff, Mike P. (Honours)                                Kings Head

MacEachern, Dale C. L.                                     Trenton

Simpson, Virginia L.                                          Salmon River

Stewart, Jarret A.                                               New Glasgow

Talbot, Tracey L. (Honours)                                Stellarton

Thompson, Jacqueline E.                                  North River

Toney, Tammy D.                                              Pictou Landing First Nation

Webb, Brittany K.                                              Thorburn

Williams, Amanda R. (Honours)                          Thorburn

Diploma in Business Administration

Burrows, W. Robert (Honours)                            New Glasgow

Chapman, A. Scott (Summer)                             New Glasgow

Chikkurmath, Jyoti                                             New Glasgow

Davis, Shandi D. M. (Summer)                           Pictou

Hayes, Heidi L.                                                  Stellarton

Hopper, Kelsey L.                                             New Glasgow

Livingstone, Kathy T. J.                                     Stellarton

Mabey, Tristin E.                                               Westville

Shaw, Virginia L. (Honours)                                Plymouth

Weyman, Daniel A.                                            Stellarton

Diploma in Business Administration – Accounting

Bent, Jennifer I.                                                 Loch Broom

Cameron, Courtnie W.                                        Trenton

Cormier, J. Dennis                                             Scotsburn

Mohamed, Ahmed S.                                         New Glasgow

Murray, Emaleigh L.                                           Meadowville

Reid, Kenzie C. (Honours)                                  Pictou

Thorne, Cecil J.                                                 Pictou

Wong, Brandon G. (Honours)                             Picto

Diploma in Business Administration – Management

Anderson, Devin N.                                           Thorburn

Harroun, D. Marleigh J.                                      Pictou

MacDonald, Alex P.                                          Riverton

Ouellette, Nick T.                                               Stellarton

Diploma in Business Administration – Marketing

Cameron, Darcy B. (Honours)                             North River

Cormier, Mark M.                                               Little Harbour

Morgan, Andrew S.                                            Port Hawkesbury

Palmer, Devon F.                                              Mississauga

Timmons-Harb, Randi L.                                    Port Hawkesbury


Certificate in Continuing Care

Adolfo, Aira B.                                                  Stellarton

Anderson, Tammy A.                                         Antigonish

Blanco, Heather A. (Honours)                             Chicago, Illinois, US

d’Entremont, Laurie E. (Honours)                        New Glasgow

Doiron, Bradley J.                                             Thorburn

Hendsbee, Bailey L.                                          Westville

Hughes, Terri A.                                                Stellarton

Laffin, Hayley M.                                               Trenton

Langille, Kaileigh H.                                           Stellarton

Latter, Melissa D. M. (Honours)                          New Glasgow

Leonard, Alex L. E. F.                                        Linacy

Livingstone, Chelsey N.                                     Merigomish

Mapili, Fatima G. C.                                           New Glasgow

McNeil, Sarah D.                                               Halifax

Payne, Hailey D.                                               Westville

Rico, Catherine P.                                             Westville

Staples-Sears, AnnaMarie L.                              Debert

Stoyles, Janine M.                                             New Glasgow

Stuart, Melissa D. (Honours)                               Port Dufferin

Tibert, Ashley C.                                                Churchville

Wunderlich, Kelly J.                                           Pictou

Diploma in Cosmetology

Alexander, Maddie D. C.                                    Goshen

Anderson, Alyssa D. (Honours)                          Trenton

Blackadar, Kinley R.                                          Westville

Crawford, Karleigh M.                                        Pictou

Dean, Robin D. (Honours)                                  Kenzieville

Dewtie, Amanda L. (Honours)                             Thorburn

Hotson, Tessa G.                                              Peace River, AB

Lake, Bev R. (Honours)                                      Pugwash

MacDonald, Madeline C. (Honours)                     New Glasgow

MacDonald, Sarah M. (Honours)                         Pictou

Verheuvel, Zoe E. (Honours)                               Pictou

Wong, Becca L.                                                            Antigonish

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Tellum, Nardina (Honours)                                  Antigonish

Diploma in Practical Nursing

Bowron, Emily D. C. (Honours)                           Sylvester

Cherry, Kimberlyn D. (Honours)                          Bay Roberts, NL

Clarke, Kristie J. (Honours)                                 Stellarton

Dean, Brooke E. E. (Honours)                            Westville

Desmond, Georgia R. (Honours)                         New Glasgow

Graham, Kaitlyn S. (Honours)                             Upper Stewiacke

Graham, Leanne M. (Honours)                            Lansdowne

Jackson, Cali J. (Honours)                                 Barney’s River

Kehagia, Ismini B. (Honours)                              Westville

Kelly, Jenn R.                                                    Stellarton

Lintaman, Amanda R. (Honours)                         Halifax

MacCulloch, Melanie, D. (Honours)                     Terrace Bay, ON

MacInnis, Ashley L. (Honours)                            Antigonish

MacKinnon, Marissa D.                                      Stellarton

MacPhee, Shania R. (Honours)                           New Glasgow

MacPherson, Kimberley A. (Honours)                  Abercrombie

McGrath, Stephanie A.                                       Trenton

Millen, K. Cheyenne                                           Merigomish

Moore, Kaylee A.                                              New Glasgow

Ottar, Heather L.                                                Pictou

Rector, Tanya L. (Honours)                                 Westville

Richards, Hannah R.                                          Stellarton

Roussy, Nicolle M. (Honours)                             Westville

Sartoris, Shaila D. (Honours)                              Springville

Sharpe, Jenn M. (Honours)                                 Glencoe

Smiley, Syna L. (Honours)                                  Antigonish

Sparkes, Tracy L. (Winter)                                  New Glasgow

Diploma in Social Services

Arnold, Kasha C.                                               Truro

Cameron, Julie M.                                             River John

Chisholm, Lisa C.                                              Antigonish

Davis, Heaven Leigh. S.                                   River John

Hughes, Keegan M.                                           Westville

Hulbert, Cassidy L. C.                                        Antigonish

Kennedy, P. Becky                                            Eureka

MacBain, Jaden M.                                            Stellarton

MacDonald, Rhonda L.                                      Antigonish

MacLeod, Kayla E.                                            New Glasgow

MacNeil, Emily C. (Honours)                               Glencoe Mills

Maloney, Kaitlyn M.                                           Westville

McTavish, Sarah E.                                           New Glasgow

Richards, Megan M.                                          Trenton

Ripley, Macaela L.                                             Pictou

Tupper, Taylor L. (Honours)                                Little Harbou

Yorke, Cole R. D.                                              Salt Springs


Certificate in Automotive Service and Repair

Aikens, Andrew S. R.                                         Trenton

Battist, M. Trent                                                 Pictou

Bowden, Tupac A.                                             New Glasgow

Butler, Logan A.                                                 Stellarton

Candow, Liam A.                                               Port Hawkesbury

Casey, Mike R.                                                  Springhill

Crawly, John E. (Honours)                               Trenton

DeCoste, Sam L. T.                                           Frankville

LaSalle, Ben R.                                                 Stellarton

MacIsaac, Cullen A.                                           Antigonish

March, Adam K.                                                Antigonish

Nicholson, Thomas G.                                       New Glasgow

Patriquin, Hazen L.                                            River John

Robertson, Brandon G.                                      Scotsburn

Robson, A. Sawyer D.                                       Linacy

Simm, Josh                                                      Tatamagouche

Certificate in Cabinetmaking

Anderson, Cam D. (Honours)                              Halifa

Guthro, Kaitlin B. (Honours)                                Greenwood

Himmelman, Soren R. M.                                   Shelburne

Hughes, Robin L. (Honours)                               New Glasgow

Smith, Daniel B.                                                            Halifax

Certificate in Carpentry

DeMont, Campbell E. E.            (Honours)                     New Glasgow

Certificate in Plumbing

Aucoin, Shawn J.                                              New Glasgow

Bailey, James A. (Honours)                                New Glasgow

Bradshaw, Craig J. (Honours)                             Antigonish

Brien, Patrick M.                                                Dartmouth

Fraser, V. Chris                                                 Westville

Hare, Mitchell W. (Honours)                          Upper Musquodoboit

Keating, Alex J. W. (Honours)                             Westville

Landsburg, Patrick J.                                        Truro

Molloy-White, Erin J.                                         Toronto, ON

Moore, Rose B.                                                 Sunny Brae

Ripley, Robert K.                                               Tatamagouche

Robinson, Jenaice L.                                         Truro

Stewart, M. Luke                                               Westville

Talbot, Mike D. (Honours)                                  Stellarton

Tilt, Parker R. G.                                                Malagash

Tofflemire, Connor B. W.                                   Porters Lake

Diploma in Carpentry

Bezanson, Morgan M.                                        Moser River

Cross, Arthur W.                                                Trenton

Fiander, T. Joseph                                            Lyons Brook

Kaye, John S. (Honours)                                    Brookfield

Langille, K. Adam                                              River John

Lemieux, Brandon R.                                         New Glasgow

McInnis, Kelsea D.                                            Westville

Parker, Brian G.                                                 Pleasant Valley

Sharpe, Marisa L.                                              Westville

Sinnis, Bryan A.                                                  Foxbrook

Straub, Andrew S. J.                                         New Glasgow

Diploma in Electro Mechanical Technician

Benson, Colby M. L.                                          Truro

Conley, Mitchell A.                                            New Glasgow

Curry, Ben G.                                                    Amherst

Fitt, Marshall P. L.                                             Stellarton

Lavin, Wade E. (Honours)                                   Sydney

MacDonald, Ryan S.                                         Thorburn

MacNeil, Campbell A.                                        Kenzieville

Patterson, Pat J. (Honours)                                Westville

Salter, Harrison A.                                             Stellarton

Secco, Christian M. (Honours)                            Winnipeg, MB

Skinner, Jeffrey H. (Honours)                             Stellarton

Wadden, J. Jamie                                             Westville

Diploma in Electronic Engineering Technician

Allen, Darren A. (Honours)                                  New Glasgow

Battist, Cody C.                                                            Pictou

Bingley-Webber, Derrek H.                                 Stellarton

MacLeod, Jeff E. (Honours)                               Greenhill

Michaud, Yvon E. M. T.                                     Truro

Walsh, Adam J.                                                 Antigonish

Diploma in Heavy Duty Equipment/Truck and Transport Repair

Allaby, Cole D.                                                  Debert

Bell, Robert S.                                                  Enfield

Black, Dillan B.                                                 Lake Egmont

Crowell, Mitch W. E.                                          Truro

Desmond, Isaac T.                                            Monastery

Gibson, Devin, R.                                              Stewiacke

Hudson, Jeremy R.                                            Antigonish

Irving, Evan G.                                                  Westville

Jamieson, Bryson R.                                         Mulgrave

Kersten, Calan W.                                              Kingsville

Koehoorn, Isaac W. G.                                      Trenton

Lowe, Zack T. E.                                               Sheet Harbour

Marple, Cameron T. W.                                      Port Hawkesbury

Martin, Alex D.                                                  New Glasgow

Pettipas, Will M.                                                 Linwood

Rankin, Mitch A.                                                Trenton

Diploma in Machining

Heighton, Pat E. (Honours)                                 River John

Jordan, S. Mike                                                 New Glasgow

McLellan, Kurtis M.                                            Truro

Thompson, Conor W.                                        Trenton

Welsh, Christian A.                                            Pictou

Williams, Matt T.                                                Stellarton

Diploma in Pipe Trades

MacKinnon, Nevin L.                                          Westville

Diploma in Welding

Harroun, Zachery A. R. (Fall)                              Truro

Langille, Savanna E.                                          Liscomb Mills

MacDonald, James F.                                       Stellarton

McLaughlin, Amber M.                                       Pictou

Miller, Dawson A.                                              Stellarton

Patterson, Jason M.                                          Dartmouth

Scanlan, Brandon P.                                          Pictou

van Wychen, Gage E.                                        Elder Bank

Ward, David H.                                                 Thorburn

Diploma in Welding Inspection and Quality Control

Aitken Alex C.                                                   Pictou

Currie, Vince W. G.                                            Stellarton

James, Eric M.                                                  Stellarton

Johnson, Robert W. D.                                      Thorburn

MacKenzie, Christine E.                                     Trenton

Mahar, Jeff A.                                                   Thorburn

Pettipas, Delany J.                                            Monastery

Reddick, Cody D.                                             New Glasgow

Stewart, Justin W. (Honours)                           New Glasgow

Tolino, Matthew P. (Honours)                              Montreal, QC

Underwood, Jordan S.                                       Pictou

Walsh, Devin J.                                                 Westville

William F. MacDonald (Fall)                               Baddeck


Diploma in Community College Education

MacDonald, Carol F.                                         Merigomish