Local singer takes third in Chicago competition

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She arrived at the classical singer competition and convention in Chicago hoping to get a head start looking into grad schools, and Nicole Ross of New Glasgow ended up competing and placing third out of more than 500 competitors.

As well as the competition, the event included a conference, a chance to perform for and find out more about potential schools as well as take master classes to learn more about classical singing.

“I only really got serious about singing classical in high school,” said Ross. “I’d love to have a performance career in the States and Canada; there’s a lot of opera going on in Germany and Italy and after that, I’d love to teach,” she said. “I think that it’s just so varied with no one style.”

Currently, Ross attends McGill University taking a bachelor of music degree in voice performance. In Montreal, she took part in a competition as an entry for the competition in Chicago and was moved on from there. Ross noted that she was very thankful to those who supported her by attending a fundraising recital she held to help her travel to the competition in Chicago.

The first day she was in Chicago Ross sang as part of the competition, thinking that she likely didn’t advance to the next round. She got word later on that she had advanced to the next round.

“I was really shocked and surprised and excited,” she smiled.

The next day of the competition, Ross sang again and made the cut from 200 singers to 21, then the next cut down to just seven people. Ross added that she tried to stay positive during the competition and enjoy the experience of it. Ross said she was surprised when she found out she had placed third as the competition was open and she had sat through the other singers and had admired their talent.

“I was completely surprised and of course I was happy,” she smiled. “After that, my teacher told me to pat myself on the back, but not for too long,” she laughed.

Over the rest of her summer, Ross will take part in a 10-day intensive opera program in Edmonton and take part in the National Music Festival of Canada in Saskatoon.