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Nova Scotians complete close to 12,000 Quality of Life surveys

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Close to 12,000 Nova Scotians logged onto their computers or sat down with their pencils to complete Nova Scotia’s first, province-wide Quality of Life Survey. 

The 180-question survey is led by Engage Nova Scotia, in partnership with Nova Scotia Community College, and conducted by the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (CIW) at the University of Waterloo. It asks how people are doing in eight key areas related to their quality of life, such as living standards, health, time-use and community vitality.

“This is the most data ever collected through this approach,” said Bryan Smale, director of the CIW. “It gives governments, community leaders, business leaders and researchers in Nova Scotia more in-depth knowledge about the quality of life of their people than any other province.” 

Engage Nova Scotia Chief Engagement Officer Danny Graham is praising the efforts of nine regional teams across the province for ensuring participation rates were high. “We are thankful to NSCC principals and other local leaders for their tireless efforts to ensure people knew about the survey and were motivated to complete it. Most importantly, we are indebted to the 12,000 Nova Scotians who took the time to complete the survey.” 

NSCC President Don Bureaux said, “This kind of overwhelming response tells us that Nova Scotians care deeply about their province and believe strongly in their ability to participate in making it better.”

Graham said, “The answers will be compiled and prepared into up to ten regional reports early in 2020. Those reports will serve as the foundation for innovative approaches to priority-setting and planning at local and province-wide levels for years to come.”

While the official deadline to complete the survey is past, anyone who has already received an invitation to participate may do so until the end of July.