Nine locals on Legion track and field team

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STELLARTON — Nine local athletes are among those who will represent the Royal Canadian Legion Nova Scotia-Nunavut Command track and field team at the National Legion championships.

The list includes Eilidh Cameron, Keighan DeCoff, Cara MacDonald, Matthew MacLeod, Mattea Miller-Evans, John Luke Taylor, Allie Sandluck and Gabrielle Smith.

Alex Bates was added to the list on Wednesday.

Their selection was based on their performances at the Nova Scotia-Nunavut meet on Saturday and Sunday at the Pioneer Coal Athletics Field.

MacDonald won her 14-15 women’s 300-metre race. Keely McKay was fourth.

MacDonald also won her 800-metre run.

Kristen Ross won her 16-17 women’s 800-metre race, while Danielle McKay was second in her 18-19 women’s 800-metre run and second at 1,500 metres. She was also third at 3,000 metres.

Ross was third and Sandluck was fifth in their 1,500-metre race and third at 3,000 metres.

Amelia MacCallum was third in 12-13 women’s hurdles and third in her 80-metre dash. MacCallum also won her 60-metre race and shot put event.

Keely McKay and Chloe Stroud finished 1-2 in the 14-15 women’s hurdles.

Cameron won her 16-17 women’s high jump, while Miller-Evans was third in her 14-15 high jump event.

Alyssa Fortune was third in 12-13 long jump.

DeCoff won her 16-17 shot put, while Ann Findlay was the lone athlete in women’s 45-49 shot put. Findlay also entered javelin.

DeCoff won in discus and hammer throw, while Jordyn Ferguson was first and Stroud second in 14-15 javelin.

Jenna Reid was the only entry in 18-19 hammer throw and was third in javelin.

In men’s events, Logan Coulet was third in the 20-34 men’s 100-metre dash. He was the only high jumper in his age group. John Luke Taylor was second in the 16-17 200-metre dash.

Tyler MacLean was the only entry in the 12-13 800-metre race and the 1,200 run.

Ethan MacDonald was first and Luke MacDonald was second in the 16-17 1,500-metre race. They also finished 1-2 at 3,000 metres.

Taylor was second in his 16-17 200-metre final.

Jonah MacEachern was third in the men’s 18-19 1,500-metre race and second at 3,000 metres.

Breton MacDonnell was third in 16-17 men’s 110-metre hurdles.

Bates was first in 14-15 high jump and second in long jump.

MacLeod won his 14-15 javelin event.

Alan Simpson was the only entry in 45-49 shot put, hammer throw, javelin and discus, as was Alan Elliott in 65-69 shot put, javelin and discus.

Alec Bates leaps and stretches during a long jump attempt. (Goodwin photo)