Government must have a vision that includes lower taxes


To the Editor:

Nova Scotians are fair people.

We don’t mind paying our fair share. But when we pay our taxes we have certain expectations, which is also fair.

After paying your taxes, do you feel like the government has upheld its side of the bargain as you sit in an ER waiting room for hours on end? What about while your family waits and waits for appropriate care for a beloved senior?

In my conversations with Nova Scotians, it seems like people don’t believe the government is holding up its end of the bargain. To them, it doesn’t seem fair. Me either.

I hear the same concerns over and over: people worrying about not having a doctor; people worrying about the state of the roads and their kids’ education.

Confession: I rarely hear about taxes. I find this sad but I understand why. The reality is that the government is doing such a poor job managing our province, giving people so much to worry about that they don’t even have time to worry about their taxes. Stop and think about that. We pay punishingly high taxes, but people don’t have time to worry about it because the McNeil Liberals have distracted them by dismantling our healthcare system.

We need a government that understands that our high taxes are part of the cause of our major issues, not vice versa. Nova Scotia’s taxes discourage business investment and they discourage professionals/specialists who might consider laying down roots.

They discourage young people from staying here and from moving here.

According to E&Y’s personal tax calculator, a medical specialist making $350,000 would pay $157,000 in taxes in Nova Scotia but only $150,000 in Ontario. That’s $7,000 after tax, in the pocket reasons to drive someone away from here to there.

One specialist at a time, it’s happening.

Yes, taxes (and death) are a fact of life but government must be smart and fair with the tax money they collect and from this accountant’s perspective, we can do a lot better.

Government must have a vision that includes lower taxes.

Tim Houston, Leader

Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party