Holistic homes and essential oils

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Many essential oils are antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and effective against grease or mold. What’s more, they will not pollute your home, the water supply, or the environment.”

Rachel Raba is an aromatherapist, in Washington DC. For years she has been using essential oils to create a healthy-home lifestyle. This includes alternatives for cleaning and personal care products, the medicine cabinet, air freshening and purification.

“These oils are highly concentrated and extremely powerful. Often a tiny drop is all we need to remove toxins from our personal environment, support our bodies and clean homes without toxic chemicals.”

Essential oils can be used to manage stress, allergies, and negative emotions; promote sleep; relieve muscle tension, sooth joints and headaches; improve digestive function, respiratory function, immunity, increase energy and improve the condition of skin and hair.

An aromatherapist can teach us to use essential oils safely and effectively for specific lifestyle needs. Raba says adding oils to a daily regime, or creating products for use around the home can be very simple and inexpensive.

“From teeth brushing, to playing sports, healing cuts and scrapes and dishwashing. Some of these products we buy, but pretty much everything can be made yourself.”

At home, Raba and her daughter make their own bath bombs, facial cleansers, toners, moisturizes, soaps and sugar scrubs. Scrubs are simple; made with sugar, coconut oil and essential oils. Some natural ingredients, like raw honey, are antibacterial and good for all skin types.

“Green Mandarin essential oil is good for acne, oily skin, fine lines and age spots; clary sage has anti-inflammatory properties. We can [use a roller] and apply oils to the bottoms of our feet, backs of our necks, or over our hearts before going to sleep. We also add them to massage oil to wind down, or to relieve muscle pain.”

For Raba, a healthy-home approach permeates all aspects of daily life.

“A drop on the back of my daughter’s neck and wrist before she departs for school to support learning/cognition and bolster her immune system.”

In the kitchen, Raba adds oils to cleaning sprays, dish detergents and scouring scrubs. She says toxic detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets can be replaced by adding oils to laundry detergent, or a couple of drops on wool dryer balls for fresh clothes, sheets, and towels. Simply putting a few drops on paper towel, or newspaper, in the trash to eliminate odor.

In the medicine cabinet, essential oils can be used for pain or discomfort.

For analgesic care: cardamom, clary sage frankincense ginger, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender lemongrass, and sandalwood. As an anti-inflammatory: turmeric, yarrow, black pepper, yarrow and clove. Adding eucalyptus to a facial steam at the first sign of congestion.

“It really depends on the person’s issues. In addition to exercise and self-massage essential oils – such as ginger – are great for lymph flow.”

Before exercising, applying essential oils to the chest opens airways and distributes oxygen throughout the body. Peppermint and sweet orange increases motivation. After a workout, essential oils help speed up recovery and counteract oxidative stress. They are useful when combined with Epsom (Magnesium) salts to soak sore muscles.

Raba says that in addition to reducing in-home toxicity, she has also benefited financially.

“I purchased a set of organic wool dryer balls – which cost under $10 from Amazon and will hold up for years. I add a couple drops of oil to each ball, now I no longer shop for dryer sheets!”

She says we get a lot of mileage out of a 15 ml bottle.

“A standard bottle usually contains 250 drops of essential oil. I’m using 1 – 2 drops at a time – the bottle will stretch a long way – costing me only pennies per application to address wellness, clean the air, and my home. So many things that we had no idea were negatively impacting our bodies. We’re undoubtedly a whole lot healthier as a result.”

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