A Summer Ceilidh with Pictou County’s finest

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The deCoste’s Festival of Summer Sounds performances wouldn’t be complete without hosting a ceilidh featuring some of Pictou County’s best and busiest performers.

A familiar and popular musical host, Spyder MacDonald shares his talents through entertaining stories and songs as he spins the rich history of the area through numerous shanty songs and all-round good cheer.

Doris Mason brings her keyboard alive as her fingers dance across the keys keeping audiences engaged with her beautiful and sometimes comical musical tunes. A celebrated songwriter and pianist, Mason has become a well-known performer on the East Coast musical scene.

New to the Festival of Summer Sounds performances, the deCoste is excited to have talented Pictou County musician/singer, Jason Brushett join these two veteran performers on stage for three nights, July 16-18 at 7:30 p.m. for what will undoubtedly be an evening of pure musical entertainment, story telling and a lot of fun and laughs.

A free concert from a local pipe band will be available on the deck prior to the start of the show.

Tickets for the performances are available in advance by contacting the box office. It will be cabaret seating with an open bar.