County team wins Atlantic track honours


MONCTON, N.B. — Pictou County Athletics have captured another team award at the Subway Atlantic track and field championships.

Members of PCA combined to register 693.5 points during the events on Saturday and Sunday.

Keighan DeCoff won the women’s Under-18 shot put and discus events.

Cara MacDonald won the Under 16 girls’ 300-metre race. She was second at 800 metres.

Kristen Ross was second in the U-18 girls’ 800-metre and 1,500-metre races, while Jordyn Ferguson was first in U-16 discus.

Ferguson and Hailie Eisan went 1-2 in U-16 hammer throw, while Jenna Reid and Heath Miller went 1-2 in the U-20 hammer throw.

DeCoff was first, Emma MacKeil was second and Ferguson was third in masters hammer throw.

Reid was first and Miller was second in U-20 javelin, while Ferguson was second and Eisan was third in U-16 javelin, Emma MacKeil was third in U-18 javelin and Alyssa Fortune was fourth in U-14 javelin.

Piper Findlay was fifth in the U-10 girls’ 60-metre race. Findlay was sixth at 150 metres and fourth at 200 metres.

Amelia MacCallum was fifth in the 80-metre U-14 dash and third at 150 metres. She was also fifth in shot put.

Ellen Coffin was the lone entry in the U-20 100-metre race, was third in long jump and was fourth at 200 metres. Sarah Brown was fourth 100-metre U-16 final and fifth in long jump.

Chloe Ferguson was sixth in the U-12 girls’ 600-metre race, while Allie Sandluck was fourth in U-18 and Danielle McKay was second in U-20 at 3,000 metres.

Sandluck was the lone senior women’s 3,000-metre runner.

Mattea Miller-Evans was third in the U-16 women’s 80-metre hurdles, while Ann Findlay won the 80-metre women’s masters hurdle race and masters shot put and was second in her javelin throw. Anita Carty was fourth in her javelin event.

Miller-Evans was also second in U-16 high jump.

PCA had the only entries in two 4×100-metre relays and two 4×400-metre relays.

Miller was second in U-20 discus, while Carty was fourth, Tracey Ferguson was fifth and Joyce Simpson was sixth in masters discus.

In men’s events, John Luke Taylor won the U-18 100-metre and 200-metre sprints, while Ethan MacDonald won the U-18 race at 1,500 metres and was second in his 3,000-metre race.

Conrad Robertson was second in his 1,200-metre race and third in his 800-metre run, while Jonah MacEachern was second and Hunter Francis was third in the U-18 1,500-metre race.

Francis and MacEachern went 1-2 in their 3,000-metre run, while Robertson was the lone runner at 5,000 metres and was fourth in the 1,500-metre steeplechase.

Gavin MacCallum was fourth in the 300-metre U-10 race, while Breton MacDonnell was second in the 110-metre U-20 hurdles race. MacCallum was third in U-10 shot put, while Rylan Hislop was third in U-12 shot put.

Dawson Chisholm was the entry in the men’s mixed aged 100-metre, 200-metre and 400-metre races. He also placed third in hurdles.

Dave MacLennan won the masters 5,000-metre race.

Pictou County also won all four relay races.

In field events, Luc Claveau-Corbin won the U-20 high jump, while Alec Bates won in the U-16 Division. Lagan Horton was fourth and MacDonnell was fifth in the U-18 Division.

Logan Coulet won the senior event.

Horton won the triple jump. He was second and MacDonnell fifth in long jump, while Claveau-Corbin was third and MacEachern fourth in their division. Claveau-Corbin was also third in his triple jump.

Alan Simpson was second and pat Carty was fourth in masters shot put. Simpson was fourth and Carty was sixth in discus, while Simpson was second and Carty third in hammer throw. Simpson was third and Carty was fifth in javelin.

Paul Layes was sixth in U-10 softball throw.

These are six of the members from Pictou County Athletics who have been named to compete at the 2019 Royal Canadian Legion track and field championships. Some of them also competed at the Atlantic championships last weekend in Moncton. From left: Mattea Miller-Evans, Keighan DeCoff, Allie Sandluck, Alec Bates, John Luke Taylor, Cara MacDonald and Eilidh Cameron. (Goodwin photo)