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Chamber project to showcase non-profit sector

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This summer the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce has initiated a unique research study to quantify the economic and social impact of Pictou County’s non-profit sector.

The project is being led by the Chamber’s student assistant Kayla Flinn with advisory assistance from Michele Ward from Kid’s First and Margie Grant-Walsh from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Pictou County.

“The people who work and volunteer in the non-profit sector are some of our foremost community builders” said Jack Kyte, the Chamber’s executive director. “The impact of the sector as a whole is exceptional in terms of money raised, persons employed and the high level of community engagement by hundreds of volunteers. We want to measure the impact and celebrate this sector.”

Research for the project began in June and will continue until mid-August and is being done by face to face interviews with representatives of non-profit organizations.

“Big Brothers Big Sisters is thrilled to be part of this project,” says Margie Grant-Walsh. “The Chamber represents the voice of business and that includes the non-profit sector. We look forward to the final results as well as working with the Chamber in the future on different initiatives. The more services our community has to offer, the better it is, which in turn makes it more attractive for people to want to live and work here.”

In Nova Scotia alone, the non-profit sector employs an estimated 36,000 persons and contributes services valued at $1.8 billion dollars to the province.

“Having the Chamber of Commerce engage with the not-for-profit sector demonstrates innovation in approach to community and helps tremendously in establishing closer relationships between the for profit and the not-for-profit sectors,” added Michelle Ward.

The project aims to show the level of volunteerism and funds raised in communities are a positive reflection of the community and the data collected will assist in a better understanding of the importance of the sector and will play a role in employee recruitment, business attraction and current efforts to attract physicians to Pictou County.

Organizations wishing to take part should contact Kayla Flinn at