River John child amputee embraces life “Just the Way I Am”

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The War Amps is this year embarking on its second century of service.

What began as an Association to assist war amputee veterans returning from the First World War, has expanded its programs over the years to support all amputees, including Jaxon Sutherland, 7, of River John.

Jaxson is a partial left hand amputee and, as a member of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program, is eligible for financial assistance for the cost of artificial limbs and recreational devices. He recently attended the 2019 Atlantic CHAMP Seminar in Fredericton, which had the theme “Just the Way I Am.” In addition to focusing on the latest in artificial limbs, the seminar encouraged Champs to embrace their amputation and overcome hurdles on the road to independence.