Moon Logic happy to open for Winterseleep

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For Moon Logic, August 3 will be a day filled with old friends.

The Pictou-County based rock band is made up of musicians who have known and played together since several of them were teenagers and will open for long-time pals Wintersleep.

“They’re so well established now and such great friends … We were able to open up for them at the Marquee Club in Halifax within the last year and the crowd was very receptive and very kind to us, which was really nice. And so, they gave us a chance to have some exposure in that way and have some new ears to our music,” said vocalist and guitarist Mike MacNeil, who used to play with Wintersleep drummer Loel Campbell in Contrived.

After releasing their first album in 2017, Moon Logic, made up of MacNeil, Shawn Baker, Murray MacIvor, Taylor MacIvor and Mike Wilson, is preparing for their second with the hopes of getting into a studio with a producer this time around.

“It’s mostly just the pre-production stage right now. We have quite a few songs that we’re trying to continue to work on and whittle down to eight or nine songs that constitute an album. So we’re just kind of taking our time,” MacNeil said, adding it can be difficult to find the time with work and family, but they intend to continue pursuing the project.

They don’t have a release date yet, but MacNeil has lots of hopes for the group’s future.

“I’m thinking like a million dollars, house, pool,” he joked. “I hope that we can just continue to do it on our own, when we want, and if it becomes popular, then great. But I just hope that we can continue to do it and remain friends for the rest of our lives and always be able to work on music and enjoy each other’s contributions to each other’s songs.”

He said the group is looking forward to Jubilee and will be joined by Pictou County musicians Robyn Alcorn for back-up vocals and horn ensemble Neon Soul Machine.