Polaris Prize-nominated Wintersleep on stage Saturday

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This year and their new album, In the Land Of, has earned Halifax band Wintersleep their second Polaris music nomination.

The nomination is much welcomed by the band as the prize is based on artistic merit rather than sales, popularity or label.

“It’s kind of based on critical reception,” said drummer and Stellarton native Loel Campbell. “It’s based on a very diverse panel.”

Campbell said that a lot of cool music that may not be mainstream is discovered each year through the contest because label and sales have no bearing for the contest. The album Wintersleep has been nominated for came out at the end of March, and the band has already completed a cross country tour playing 27 shows across the country.

Wintersleep will be hitting the East Coast again this year when they play the Riverfront Jubilee before they set off for a month of touring Europe in September. Along with releasing In the Land Of, the band also put out a single for Record Store Day this year that Campbell added was pretty popular.

Coming back to play the Jubilee is something Campbell is looking forward to, especially with the line up this year featuring artists such as Ria Mae that they are looking forward to playing with.

“We played it a couple years ago and it was a beautiful night,” Campbell said. As for the prize Campbell is happy that their new album is getting out there.

“We’re just happy to have this record be picked up,” he said.

Some of the album’s music, as well as the cover art of this album, is also a political commentary, shared Campbell, about the environment.

“It’s nice that it’s kind of being embraced in that circle,” he said.