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Kim Mitchell is ready to rock the river and is looking to have a good time with the audience as he performs at the Riverfront Jubilee.

After having played the Jube a number of years ago, Mitchell is back to give more to his Pictou County fans.

“I’m happy to see that it still happens,” said Mitchell about the Jubilee, adding that it’s always nice when communities support live music as with streaming services growing live music is one of the few things musicians have left.

As for the Jubilee, Mitchell promises to put on a live show that pleases all of his audience. “I’m all about customer service in rock and roll,” he laughed. He said that he usually plays all the songs the crowd wants to hear.

Along with his hits, Mitchell promises a real old-fashioned rock show all about the music without any fancy tricks or effects, just he and his band giving off the energy they feel while playing back to the crowd that night.

“That energy that the band transmits hits the audience and they give it back,” he said. Mitchell doesn’t really have any songs that are his favourites to play as it changes night to night. But he did mention some songs do serve a purpose in the set in terms of timing to give him a moment to really take the whole thing in as he gives another band member a chance to sing a bit.

As for the East Coast, Mitchell is looking forward to hitting the peninsula for the feel of the places and the people.

“I think you feel things a little deeper,” he said. “I like coming there, too, because I’ve said it before, it’s like this is how we’re supposed to treat everybody.”

Coming from a small town himself, the artist hit it big after moving to Toronto to pursue music.

Driving in an old van Mitchell first heard his song on the radio and he had to pull over. As a guy from a small town he couldn’t quite believe at first that a popular radio station was playing his song.

“I started to sweat, I started to shake,” he said.

From his first song on the radio to touring all over the country with crowds singing along with him, Mitchell still gets excited to play.

“I hope the sound is good, I hope the weather is good,” he said. “Let’s just rock out and have fun.”