Mother-daughter duo conquer pageant world

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Scotsburn residents and mother-daughter duo, Sherri Muir and Scotia MacDonald, thought it would be a great bonding experience and ran in the Ms Nova Scotia International 2019 and Miss Teen Nova Scotia International respectively. Muir was delighted to be named Ms Nova Scotia and have her daughter be the Ms Teen Nova Scotia runner-up.

“We just started inquiring about it and next thing we knew we had interviews,” Muir said of their first adventure together into pageantry. The event was held in Moncton and the mother/daughter duo have been travelling and representing Nova Scotia since.

Competing against 24 others from both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, with no one entering from Prince Edward Island, MacDonald was invited to compete in the Nationals in Toronto but with graduating and college on the horizon she declined.

“Definitely recommend to anybody with even a little tiny thought of wanting to be involved in pageantry to step out of your comfort zone and do it,” Muir said and MacDonald agreed. “It was amazing, we made friends for life!”

Muir will return to crown the winner of 2020 but will keep her crown and title of Ms Nova Scotia International 2019.

Participating in county festivals and parades, their schedules have been hectic with visits throughout the province and they continually look for sponsors to help pay for their travel. The assistance could include hair and make-up artists or manicurists offering their time and talents, as a way of advertising, to prepare them for events.

Categories included fashion, being judged on what they chose and how they wore it, swimsuit and active wear competition, most photogenic, the Friendship Award which Muir received based on the competitors votes, and more. Muir’s talent was designing an outfit and having someone model it and MacDonald’s was a public speech about empowering women.

Going above their comfort zones, the duo encourage others to do the same and feel the confidence and pride in following through and facing your fear.

Ms. Nova Scotia Sherri Muir and her daughter, first runner-up Ms. Teen Scotia MacDonald stand along the Jitney Trail. (Butland photo)