Bringing back Boston Pizza

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NEW GLASGOW — With more than just pizza to offer up, the Boston Pizza franchise is ready to start things up in Pictou County again this year with the reopening of the Highland Square Mall restaurant.

Less than a year ago after shutting its doors and advertising the opportunity to purchase the franchise, steps are in place to reopen the doors after finding new managers and franchisees for the establishment.

“As soon as it closed we assured the area that Boston Pizza was committed to this area,” said Curt Stephens, area manager for New Minas, Sackville, Truro and Yarmouth areas. The company hosted a job fair a couple of weeks ago looking for hires for the space when it reopens. Stephens shared that the job fair had a great turnout and was certainly a positive sign for the restaurant.

“It was very well attended, we were pleased with the interest and support from the community,” he said.

Currently, Stephens and other staff are looking after setting things back up and restocking the location in anticipation for the opening. As of yet, there is no firm date for the reopening of the Highland Square location but Stephens assured that once the logistics are figured out a solid date will be announced.

So far Stephens, shared that they have heard a lot of excited and welcoming comments from those who found out that the chain will be re-opening its doors in the county.

“Everyone I’ve encountered is happy it’s going to reopen,” he said. ” We were very excited to be here and offer the Boston Pizza brand to this community.”