Open house explains remediation

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PICTOU LANDING — Local residents interested in Boat Harbour were well informed of the remediation project last week.

The Pictou Landing fire hall was the location of an open house to view displays of what remediation for Boat Harbour will look like and how long it is expected to take.

Aimed at providing the community with more information on the environmental assessment that is taking place around the harbour, the event featured many resources such as large panels full of information, pamphlets and take away information. People involved in the project were available to talk more about it and answer questions.

As the pilot-scale work was finished in June, reports are being done now on what the results of the testing are. Pilot-scale testing is the next step from lab testing to ensure a process works with the environment to properly do the job it has to. It lets those on the project know what works and what doesn’t.

“We also just want to set some expectations in terms of timeline,” said Ken Swain, project lead for the Boat Harbour Remediation project. It is expected to take around four to seven years for clean up of the site which will begin in 2021 with the hope to someday reopen the area as a tidal estuary. Swain added that those who stopped by were pleased with the open house and happy to have access to more information about the project.

There is a plan to have more open houses for those who were unable to attend the one held last week as well as providing updated information on what has come about since the last open house. Currently, dates and timelines are some of the biggest questions among those that have visited the open house. In the meantime, for those with questions about the project, Swain said they can email with their questions.

Barbara Renouf was one of the local citizens who attended the session. She has a cottage in the area where she spends five or six months out of the year and would love to see water that is not coffee coloured at her beach.

“Boat Harbour certainly affected the quality,” she said about the waters. “We wanted to see what the treatment and timeline looks like.”

After touring through the open house and having a chat with some of the people, Renouf said she felt like it was a comprehensive plan.

“I’m looking forward to this,” she said.

Local residents look over panels of information at a recent open house explaining the Boat Harbour remediation project held at the Pictou Landing Firehall last week. (Brimicombe photo)