Starbucks breaking ground in New Glasgow

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Venti, grande, tall — it may be a different language to some but it will soon be regular vernacular to Pictou County residents as construction begins on a Starbucks store in New Glasgow.

The planned free-standing store will be built in the parking lot at the Aberdeen Business Centre, the corner located closest to East River Road.

Elizabeth Engram, manager of public relations for Crombie REIT, based in the business centre, confirmed the building plans.

“We can confirm that Starbucks is coming to the Aberdeen Business Centre parking lot as a freestanding structure at the corner of East River Road and Atlantic Drive,” she said.

As of press time, Starbucks declined to comment on the construction or confirm the planned store. So far, no date has been announced for a planned opening, although the ground has been broken at the construction site.

Preliminary work has begun at the Aberdeen Business Centre lot on East River Road for Pictou County’s first Starbucks. (Brimicombe photo)