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NGHS Class of 54’ celebrating 65 years

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It is sure to be a happy reunion at the Little Harbour Community Hall on Aug. 17 when the New Glasgow High School class of 54’ hosts the 65th reunion of their time in Grade 12.

Having just had a 60th reunion five years ago, Ross Thompson wasn’t sure what sort of interest members of the class would have to reunite again, however, he has received great feedback for the event.

The idea came from a conversation Thompson had with three colleagues about getting the class together for something shorter than the weekend-long reunion they had five years ago.

“We had a very successful reunion five years ago,” he said. As a result of having everyone together then it was easier for Thompson and the group planning this event to get in touch with everyone to gauge interest. In all, he shared that so far they have 22 grads and 13 plus ones who are planning on attending the one evening event of dinner at the community hall and socializing afterward at someone’s home.

The reunion is meant to give the classmates time to catch up and talk about their time together in school. Thompson shared that many of the classmates are at a point in their life where they feel like their high school days were not that long ago, so reliving those days will still bring lots of laughs and memories.

“I think we’ve got very good reactions. Most everyone wanted to get back but some couldn’t make it,” Thompson said. “There’s definitely a desire to get together.”