Trenton Park gets funds for improvements


TRENTON – Jennifer Bethell says she’s thrilled with government funding that will provide enhancements to Trenton Park.

“I truly think it’s a game-changer,” said Bethell, who represents the Hemlock Group that has tried for more than six years to improve the park and was among those how attended the press conference on Friday announcing funds from all three levels of government for park renovation projects.

The Hemlock Group is a not-for-profit collaboration of residents whose goal is to restore Trenton Park, while encouraging health and wellness, stimulating economic activity, boosting tourism, enhancing outdoor recreational opportunities and attracting residents to the area.

“People are looking for destinations, a place to take kids,” she said.

Central Nova MP Sean Fraser announced $2.2 million in federal funding, while Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Lloyd Hines said the province will contribute $1.2 million. Municipal funding totals $254,518.

The project features an accessible playground that will include a recreation ground, upgraded pool and picnic area, renovated trails and increased parking.

Also included are renovated pedestrian bridges, ponds and fishing docks, as well as a fenced-in dog park and renovated canteen.

An overriding goal is to allow for the facilities to be universally accessible and to ensure the widest possible use and participation by people of all ages.

Fraser said the project is the product of a federal decision to establish a stream of shared funding that means rural municipalities and provinces pay a smaller percentage of a project’s total cost. The federal portion rose to 60 per cent, while the provincial percentage is unchanged and the municipal amount is seven per cent.

“I can’t wait to see the fruits of their labours once the project is completed,” he said.

Mayor Shannon MacInnis welcomed the funding.

“Trenton Park has been the pride of Trenton for many years,” he said. “We are so pleased with the funding the federal and provincial government announced (Friday), ensuring the legacy of our Park and making it a key destination for everyone in Pictou County and beyond.”

From left: Trenton Mayor Shannon MacInnis, Central Nova MP Sean Fraser, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Lloyd Hines and Hemlock group representative Jennifer Bethell attended a joint announcement of funding for improvements at Trenton Park. (Goodwin photo)