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UPDATE: Water Conservation Order

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Water conservation efforts in Pictou, along with detecting and repairing several water leaks, has resulted in a rise of water tower levels.
With the assistance of Nova Scotia Power, a new well will go online this week that will speed up desired water levels. Provided there are no major issues, and water production predictions are on target, the conservation order should be lifted the following week.
A press release from the Town of Pictou lists several ways to help residents with conserving water, while still maintaining household needs:
• If possible, place barrels or containers under your gutter’s downspout to gather rain from your roof – use to water flowers and gardens
• Water flowers and gardens in the morning or evening when water is less likely to evaporate
• Use water cans rather than sprinklers or hoses to target exactly what you need to water
• Cover pools when not in use to prevent evaporation
• Use the dishwasher
• Shorten shower times
• Turn household taps on and off as needed
A few items that remain unchanged:
• The public is still being asked to avoid washing cars, refilling pools, pressure washing and unnecessarily using water
• Users will continue to experience lower than usual pressure and volume
• Town officials are working with the fire department to ensure appropriate protection is in place during this shortage
• If you notice an unusual accumulation of water that may be a leak in the Town’s water distribution system, please notify the town office at 902-485-4372
Once the Order has been lifted, the public will be notified via social media, the Town website and the Fire Department sign.