Pitts cardboard boat race winner


MERIGOMISH — There is a new champion in cardboard boat racing in Merigomish.

Sophie Pitts won the annual race on Saturday in conjunction with Merigomish Fun Fest, out-paddling Casey Bannerman.

Her win eclipsed the series of victories chalked up by Dale Osgood, who won the event the past three years but did not compete this year.

Pitts designed her boat, which was actually a raft that she straddled while paddling.

She said others held it while she taped it together.

Bannerman’s craft was more boat-like with a prominent green and an alligator facial design along the bow, but the high gunwales made it awkward to paddle.

Pitts and Bannerman were the only racers to finish the course in Merigomish’s inner harbour.

Four other entries were unable to join the race.

The boat race ended the day’s program of events that otherwise took place at the Merigomish School House Community Centre.

It featured bouncy toys, games and a barbecue. 

Sophie Pitts paddles toward the finish during the annual cardboard boat race in Merigomish. (Goodwin photo)