Clan Donald upheld at memorial service

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PICTOU — The power of prayer was the theme of the annual Clan Donald Nova Scotia Memorial Service on August 11 at the memorial park in Pictou.

Rev. Andrew MacDonald from First Presbyterian Church in New Glasgow mixed humour and solemnity as he conducted the service and delivered the sermon on the subject of prayer.

“There are many ways to pray,” he said. “You can pray while driving your car, although the law would say you should pray hands-free.”

He quoted the theologian John Calvin who, when asked if Catholics were right to pray while kneeling or Protestants were right to pray while standing said, “What is important is that you are praying.”

Barry MacDonald, commissioner of Clan Donald Nova Scotia, opened the service.

“This is one time of year when we get to honour our ancestors,” he said, while noting how migrations sent MacDonald and other Scottish clans around the world after their way of life was destroyed following the Battle of Culloden in 1746. “We appreciate the chance they took. That’s why we’re here today.”

Priscilla Sharkey and Irene Lefort read passages of Scpriture, while piper Zachary MacInnis played pre-service music and the Lament and John Spyder Macdonald provided music through the service. Clan Donald upheld at memorial service.

A number of people took part in the annual Clan Donald Nova Scotia Memorial service on August 11 in Pictou and the gathering that following the service. From the left, front row: Priscilla Sharkey and Irene Lefort. Back row: piper Zachary MacInnis, John Reeves, Rev. Andrew MacDonald and John Spyder Macdonald. (Goodwin photo)