Climate debate needs to be part of next election


To the Editor:

Not very long ago, Canada announced a climate emergency. Canadians are brought into a constant battle for balance between what is right and what will pay bills. I understand that struggle, but if you destroy the very thing you depend on for work you can’t pay your bills. (A good example is the clear cutting in NS.)

I am personally sick of old men deciding what guidelines are acceptable for the environment. What will happen if they are wrong? Will they have to live with the impact their decisions make? No. They will probably be long gone, and it’ll be me and the next generations who are left to deal with the enormity of the current generation’s mess. The youth today are smarter and far less tolerant of injustice, and they are coming for the old men (and women) who stand in the way of our future.

I’m writing today in support of a climate debate for our next election — because it is quite obvious that the current people in power are not taking the severity of our situation seriously. Approval of the pipeline out west is a blatant spit in the face of the “climate emergency” that was announced. Do you pour oil on your house when it’s on fire? Honestly.

Chelsea Pettipas