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August 18 won’t be a day that Darlene and George Dewtie will soon forget after pulling the Ace of Spades out of the last three cards in the deck at the Chase the Ace game in Trenton.

Dewtie shared that as the draw was taking place on Sunday she was watching on live stream from home. When the winning ticket was pulled she noticed that although the name and the first few digits of the phone number were covered, she recognized the last digits of her phone number and had already begun to race for the door.

“I had my shoes on before he even called (the house),” Dewtie said.

As she spoke to fire fighter Steven Cotter, who was calling on behalf of the organizers, she was headed out the door on her way to the Trenton Rink from Sutherlands River. “I said we’ve got 20 minutes to get there so get your shoes on!” Dewtie laughed about what she told her husband as she was scrambling to get to the door.

She bought the winning ticket from Crossroads Country Market in Thorburn and she had been buying tickets for the last few weeks, but hadn’t been buying them from the start of the game.

On the way to the rink Dewtie and her husband called their family and talked to her granddaughters who are five and eight years old, telling them that they were on their way to pick a card. She added that when she finally made it to the rink and drew the Ace of Spades, her granddaughters were watching on the live stream. As she signed some paperwork and accepted the cheque and congratulations from other players, she could feel her phone buzzing with congratulatory calls and messages from friends and family.

“I just thought, ‘oh my God’,” she laughed about what she was thinking as she pulled the Ace from the three cards that were left. “I still can’t think straight.”

In total, Dewtie won $578,920 from the game on the 50th week of play.

“All I know is I’m retiring,” she smiled. “Other than that I have no plan.”