Detoxify and relax with the raindrop technique

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 “It’s as gentle as acupuncture; but as effective as a deep tissue massage. I left feeling blissful and slept like a baby.”

This individual is referring to Raindrop Technique Therapy (RT) – an increasing popular alternative to a full body massage – using medicinal essential oils.

RT has been shown to benefit clients who suffer from sciatica; back and neck pain – caused by degenerative disc conditions – upper respiratory infections, to provide an immune boost, and increase body PH levels. It can help to relieve stress, abate chronic fatigue syndrome and improve digestion.

It is recognized as an effective treatment for those who are unable to handle a traditional massage – as is sometimes the case with scoliosis and kyphosis – or other conditions relating to curvature of the spine.

Deboneé Bruce, a Raindrop Technique Practitioner, says specific oils are placed along the hands, feet, neck and spine – which is considered the ‘life line’ of the body. These localized points allow for greater oil absorption, increasing therapeutic benefits such as detoxification of the spinal fluid.

The Raindrop Technique is a safe and non-invasive, regiment for spinal health. It promotes healing from within, when essential oils are applied topically. Many chiropractors have found this to be a superior addition to their patients’ spinal health regimen – where some cases were previously thought to be hopeless.”

Dis-ease, or discomfort, in the body can be considered a result of blocked nerve pathways. Reflexology affects changes within the body, through certain trigger point. Massage relaxes muscles and improves essential oils absorption – detoxifying fluid and tissue, improving our natural bio-electricity.

“The Raindrop Technique works by allowing the body to absorb antimicrobial properties from the essential oils, through the epidermal layer, ultimately to the spinal fluid. The hands-on techniques activate the parasympathetic nervous system. Once this system is activated, the body goes into a deep “rest, digest, and heal” state.

From there, the body is able to start killing off microorganisms in the spine. The body naturally returns to a state of homeostasis – realigning and lengthening the spine, thereby reducing discomfort associated with sciatica, scoliosis, kyphosis, and back pain.”

Oils used in treatments are thyme: for anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties as well as assisting the body in waste removal. Oregano as an antiviral and antibacterial for rheumatism. Marjoram: sooths body and joint discomfort, used for PMS and menstrual problems. Cypress: as an antioxidant, improves circulation, fights infection, improves breathing and promotes liver health.

Basil reduces muscle spasms, is an antibacterial and an anti-inflammatory muscle relaxant. Wintergreen is an anti-coagulant, highly anti-inflammatory and reduces blood pressure. It is effective in treating muscular and nerve pain. Peppermint: for muscle pain, headaches and bloating.

This combination of massage and reflexology balances and aligns the physical body.

“It’s soothing and stimulating – using hand and foot massage to apply essential oils to the bottom of the feet which correlates to the spine, creating a deeper connection. It is a technique that can facilitate the relief of pain by working on the nerve endings that correlate to the different organ systems. It is an incredibly effective technique to work the essential oils into the entire system.”

Bruce also describes the technique as an effective modality for emotional well being – as it stimulates our sense of smell, and our limbic system (emotional centre of the brain).

“Almost 70 per cent of my clients request this therapy to help move through deep emotional upsets. I have personally had clients reveal to me emotions such as anger, despair, sadness, extreme stress [had] decreased or was eliminated within 1-2 sessions. Sometimes, I swap out antimicrobial oils for oils to work on the heart. Which has given fantastic results, as clients are able to find the strength after a huge emotional release to move forward in their lives.”