Early start on Business 101

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NEW GLASGOW — Some of Pictou County’s young people made the most of their summer and the chance to learn at this year’s Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CEED) young entrepreneurship camp. The week-long camp is aimed to help kids learn a bit about how to run a business and how businesses work.

With a focus on entrepreneurship for ages eight and up, CEED opened the recently held week-long day camp up to ages eight to 14 to give participants the chance to learn about business, then develop an idea and create their own business.

“They go through the whole business model,” said Barrinique Griffin, entrepreneurship program co-ordinator for CEED.

After a week of talking about profit, costs, and other parts of business and coming up with ideas in their groups, there was a sale day where the kids had the opportunity to show off their products and sell them to members of the public. Set up in the Roseland Theatre, different products that were offered by the groups of local children included paninis, smoothies, dog treats, tick kits and key chains.

On the Friday of the camp, the young business people also had the chance to give a presentation on the product they had created.

“The kids pitch their ideas to a local panel,” said Griffin.

The program also helps participants learn how it’s important to give back to the community as well with the kids being encouraged to donate a portion of their profits from the sale day to a local charity or community organization.

From left, Tessa Spicer, 13, Tyler MacLean, 13, and Shelby Bent, 10 make smoothies during the day camps sale day. (Brimicombe photo)