Federal minister skated around issue of Boat Harbour


To the Editor:

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna must have been wearing roller blades in this morning’s 8:30 a.m., 96.1 CBC interview, noted by her skating around Mitch Cormier’s question about closing the Boat Harbour dump site. The most one could gleam from the answers given is that all things environmental are part of a broader issue. Apparently, pulp waste is just an insignificant drop in the greater scheme of things, especially in the election campaign bucket of goodies.

If pulp production is so vital to so many Nova Scotian’s livelihoods, then why don’t the Feds get down here and insist that the environment has not been served well for the past half a century, and announce that all future waste treatment shall utilize a “closed loop” system?

And if this “Excellence” company doesn’t agree, surely there are engineering grads ready to tackle the problem! Then going forward, any new company desiring to produce pulp would simply rent the facility from us.

Thomas Rogers

Cape John